Don't let your sex life go stale


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Sex should never be allowed to go stale. It should be fun. So if you still feel sexually starved after hours of banging then there’s something you are missing. Before this cold season waves us goodbye, there are a couple of things you need to explore. Ladies, especially, it’s time you fukuzad baridi with these moves and styles. Bring out the animal in you and walk the park with an eye for adventure:

1. Coconut  Style.

Coconut style is the new big thing in town. Sex maniacs have termed it a deadly position. Dick damages have also been reported. It’s all about riding a dick while spelling the word  C-O-C-O-N-U-T. (Note the hyphens. Usisahau kupose mamaa) And be very sure to check what happens when you shape the letter T!

2. Big  V.

Are you good at balancing? Pin your head on a surface and spread your legs to make a big letter V. Hold the V with both of your hands and balance.

Balance nanii! Let your man spread his legs across your legs and bang your nunu in a standing position. Big  V favours the dwarfs; the giraffes will receive their shots in the air.

3. Ballet  style.

This is a more intimate style meant for deeper penetration. If you can stand his looks then this style suits you more. Stand on one leg and wrap the other around his waist, for a more adventurous feel, wrap your foot around his neck as he supports you…then… Pokea mama!

4. Kufa  Mende.

Jiachilie kama chapati. It is popularly known as Dragon style. This position involves lying flat on your tummy and spreading your legs. A little elevation on your tummy raises your butt in the air and it really helps. Pokea baraka sasa!

5. Helicopter.

It slightly resembles the dragon style in the sense that you should both lay on your tummies. Let your man face a  different direction and lay in the opposite direction such that your butts are intimate. Your honey pot should be slightly behind him. Also, check that his dick is a flexible one.

6. Kuchuna Mboga.

Try mimicking a gardener busy on her farm, better still, bend and touch your toes exposing the honey pot! Pokea  baraka kutoka nyuma sasa. Note that the mkwaju will access the deepest point of the pot!  

7. Wheel Barrow.

It is a less intimate sex position. At last, you get to escape the bad breath and less than cute looks. It is a lazy position probably when you don’t feel like having sex. Sit on his laps with your legs crossed and his too while leaning your body forward. He may thrust you back and forward but you don’t have to do anything. Kazi kwake!  

8. Oyster.

If you feel flexible enough and you need to bring out the animal in you, try the Oyster. Lie on your back and cross your legs on your chest or neck. Let him access your honey pot on his knees as he worships it.

9. Tsunami.

Just like a Tsunami, this position will result in a violent flood! Tsunami style is also known as nduthi style. Try the doggy posture and place chopsticks in your ears. Your man will then grab the chopsticks the way nduthi handles are grabbed as he bangs your honeypot. Do not forget a lemon in the process. After he cums, let him poke the lemon and squeeze the juice in your eyes. Kill me if you do not squirt!  

10. Sixty-Nine (69)

For the lovers of genital flavours and scents, you can suffocate your face in his genitals as he does the same on yours. Let him grab your legs over his shoulders as he eats you out. Hang down over his crotch as you give him a bj. Suck the life out of him till the moment ‘cums’. Make sure he licks your trickling flavours until your well runs dry. 

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