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Whether it is the first time after waiting for so long, a one-night stand or just an agreed hookup, you or your partner is bound to verbally express how the sex was. These are the 14 things you’ve said or heard before after a sexperience:

    1. “Damn you are amazing.” If your partner says that out loud, they definitely haven’t had such sex before or in a long time. Usually, this is the result of mutual steamy sex.
    2. “What did we just do?” Regret and nothing but regret. We have all heard of those boy meets girl tales. They entice each other.one of them finds out the other has a partner already…but they have sex anyway.

“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” Modern day romance calls for this. I mean, all that pounding could definitely need some fueling.4.“I can’t believe I just did that.” Guilty pleasure kind of sex is followed by this statement. Usually said as a monologue and later on whispered to a non-judgmental friend.

5.“We should do this again.” If someone has said this to you before, you just won a medal of satisfaction. You owned the sheets!

6.“I love you.” For those in relationships, making love is believed to end with the four letter word.

7.“Thank you for that.” You just ever needed some closure or so good sex that when it is given to you. You want to almost tip them for their services?


8.“So…what are we?” Here goes the question that might make or break the chance of eve r hooking up again. The people that ask this are usually so strategic that they ask over pillow talk.

9“You used protection, right?” Usually not a good question to hear or ask because of rushed up sex. Absolutely no plan of the future is countered. Usually ends up in regret.

10.“Did you cum? “Whoever asks this should be slapped! They put their need first and by the time they are asking this. They are done smashing and ready to bounce.

11.“Why did you stop?” Another selfish character that provokes the partner to ask this. If someone asks you this, just know that they haven’t had their share of the fun. Make sure to last longer than a 10 second SnapChat.

12.“I can’t find my bra.” It was probably lost in the heat of the pounding. An after-sex t-shirt is necessary.

13.“I need to use the toilet.” It is just an automated thing to do after sex.

14.“That’s the last of me. Goodbye.” This just sounds like a break up sex in hope of saving an already dying relationship or to get one last taste of the meat.

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