3 Reasons why you should date a stripper


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Stripping is just like any other job if anybody would ask me. All you have to do is acquire that killer body and perfect in the pole dances to gain flexibility and voila you good to go. However, some guys wouldn’t buy the idea of dating a stripper. Is it for the fear that she’ll turn out to be a philanderer or they just can’t imagine their chicks exposing their bodies for the world to see?

Well, to burst your bubble guys, rule number one for a stripper is ‘You can see but not touch’. Well, so if she exposes her body to multitudes, is there any crime in that? So long as you the only one who chews her?

Would you mind if your boys saw her well-rounded ass, this time not beneath her garments? Just so long as they don’t touch it?  Here are three pros of dating a stripper;

Confidence in check

Everybody agrees that confidence is sexy. With all the insecurities some ladies have with their bodies, it’s quite interesting when a lady strips in front of a multitude without a tinge of shame.

That shows that her self-esteem is in check. For her to ooze that confidence however, she’ll have to take good care of her body. And that’s another plus for you. You’ll have a well-groomed lady whom you can proudly shove around. And her confidence will be something to die for.


Well-Toned Body

For her to achieve that killer body, she has to involve herself in the leg lifts, side squats, bridges and lunges. As a result, she will have well-toned abs, a shapely figure and shapely legs.

She will lose excess fat by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet. And not forgetting the flexibility she will acquire by doing loads of dances; the strip-tease, lap and pole dances. Another plus for you dude, she’ll be flexible between the sheets.

The Chums

Stripping for money is an easy thing to do if anyone could ask me. See, it’s a job which one can flexibly attend to during the evenings or weekends.

If it turns out to be one’s side hustle, well and good one could maintain their 8-5 job and still be on their stripping thing.

Dating a stripper will be a plus for you; she is Miss Independent. She won’t have to beg you for money to buy that designer bag. She has all the chums with her and she might also lend you some when you are down. Ooh, and what about the tips she’ll receive? Pesa Otas Baba!


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