How she kills his sexual excitement!


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Ladies, have you noted that weird look or stare he gives you during pekejeng’ ?You  may have been trying to get the meaning of his nasty stares while he bangs you and  ooh his sudden halt just when he hits the  right spot ? I’ll tell you that one thing that turns him off completely. That thing that kills the vibe between the sheets. It could be your fishy smell down there or your granny pants which make him fail to rise to the occasion. Here are five things that kill the vibe;

  1. Star fishes.

Trust me, no man wants a boring girlfriend for pekejeng’. The type that lies aimlessly in bed waiting for action without making any effort. That chic who shies away from asking for the mtree. Girl, you got to be enthusiastic about the julus, have it, live on it and worship it! Initiate the game and he’ll love you forever.

  1. Boring talk.

You flopped in that Microbiology test, fine, you’ll read and pass it next time. Don’t bring that topic up during pekejeng’. He’ll just switch off from the game and probably begin pondering about his shoe business .Smother him with the right words. Tell him that you love his curved mjulus even if it bothers you to death.

Make him understand all  that  you  want to do to his body .That stimulates  his mind ,but hey, don’t exaggerate, he’ll  hate you if the sex won’t be as good as you made him imagine. Your cries and moans should be loud for him to hear, so switch off your phone or put it on silent mode! Don’t receive or make any calls in the middle of the act!

  1. Poor Hygiene.

Did he bring your granny pants downs only for him to come across your thicket down there? Style up girl! A guy wants a free and smooth platform to work on. If he’s kind enough he’ll help you shave if he’s got his ego intact, consider waxing or shaving it yourself. If you come across a psycho, your thickets will be set ablaze, there you have a burning bush! Have a shower beforehand and don a good perfume. That good scent will arouse his feelings and bring -out your femininity. Consider your dental hygiene and remember to chew mint to maintain that fresh breath.

  1. Fake Orgasms.

Don’t fake any orgasms if you desire being pleasured. It’s one thing soothing his ego and a whole different thing altogether leaving his house high and horny. Why don’t you scream when he hits the spots right and when he misses it, direct his mjulus, he’ll soon understand know your body and learn how to do you right!

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