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‘I was there for him during his hard times but he dumped me when he saw the light.’ Sound familiar? Then you have probably experienced rebound love. The type of love in which you invest all your energy and unfortunately only reap sorrow and sadness.

Are you tired of being a bridge to men’s soulmates? Then here’s how you can avoid rebound love:

1. Don’t mend a broken heart.

Much as you’d wish to express your feminine power of breathing new life into broken things, resist broken hearts. Your job is to await the prince charming that will take you to the moon. You don’t need a guy who will revolve around his past relationship yet you are the new item in his life. Run, honey, run!

2. Let your exes remain Xed.

So your ex broke up with his girlfriend? What next? A night of ecstasy in his nest with all niceties and memories of the old good times?

If you answered yes to that, then am sorry, hun; You are quite lost. If you let him in he’s gonna bang that thing as he tries to forget about his ex. Then once he bags a new love, you are going to be a long-forgotten story. Or maybe he’s going to retrieve you when his things go wry. He’s an ex for a reason. Keep him that way.


3. Beware of dirty mouths.

Men who talk ill of other women or how they frustrated other women could do the same to you. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Beware of the type of guys who compare you to their other exes. Chances are, he’s got those other women in his head and you are only a cross-over.

4. Don’t solve his relationship issues.

At first glance, a man can clearly tell the kinda woman who would cross oceans for him. So when things are not going well with his other half, he knows which arms will comfort him and bring him back to life.

Take, for example, his girlfriend chases him out of their place and you go ahead and provide shelter to him. He’ll always seek refuge at your place until things cool down.

But please, please, please, don’t put it in your mind that you understand him better. Honey, he’s never going to be yours. He’ll only belong to you when he’s broke and when his girlfriend is angry. Once he figures his shit out you’ll be left out of the mix.

You are not a therapist, are you? If not, sort your issues instead and let him seek help from actual therapists.

Stay away from rebound love!

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