4 Rules of Cheating


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You can’t keep it in your pants. The world is just so full of hot people and you want a taste of their cookie jar(s)? The thing is though, you still want the safety of a relationship. Does that sound like a familiar tale? Or better yet, you just want to have some fun, then get back to your main chic or guy. I’m here to help you navigate the murky waters of cheating. Here are simple rules to follow.

P.S Cheating is not for everyone. If you’re not a good liar, or you fumble too much under pressure, don’t even think it. Unless you’re just tired of your bf or gf. 

1. Keep it to yourself

Two people can only keep a secret if one of them is dead and in cheating, two people can only keep a secret if one of them is an imaginary person. The point is, if you share your ‘secret affairs’ with your friends, even the closest ones, your partner will end up knowing. And you know, it happens that your significant other will find out through a friend. It’ll be a rumor or a nasty joke and bam, you won’t be able to save your ass.

2. Take it far

You don’t eat where you shit. The wrong proverb, I’ve just wanted to use that line somewhere. Back to cheating, if your intention is to cheat for a long while, make sure your cheating partner is not anywhere near your bae. You know what happens when you put two bulls in the same shed right?

3. Don’t meet at odd hours

The minute you change your schedule and start meeting your fling at odd times of the day, be sure you’ll be caught. Keep the affair within a normal schedule. Or better yet, cheat when your chic is out or when your man is out on their business.

4. Don’t have labels

When you’re in a secret affair, the last thing you want is putting a label on whatever it is that you’re doing. If she asks you, “What are we?” rubbish it off and tell her you’re just mammals. You have a partner already. You are not looking for a new one, you just want the fun. If he asks you, “What are we doing? Why are we doing this? ” pretend you did not hear his question and give him a passionate kiss. If he insists, go down and give that man a good bj. That will shut him up. Emotions are for your bae only.

Happy and safe cheating.


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