How to boss up in bed!


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The dormant type of men prefer when their women take control of their own orgasms. A woman who bosses up in bed and takes control over their man is sexy and takes the title of a goddess. See, she’s responsible for her orgasms without having to put her man to task. Riding dick is a skill you have to learn and you don’t necessarily have to get it right the first time you do it. Here are tips to help you ride it like a pro:

  1. Position Yourself Comfortably.

Find the right angle for you to work at and make sure you are both comfortable. Don’t just hop onto his dick and start riding it without having first to consider his comfortability, otherwise you risk hurting him and tiring fast before you even get there.

  1. Creative Rides.

Keep it sexy and keep the passion as you ride him. You may lay flat down on him, kiss him as well as ask him sex-related questions. Be bossy as well, tell him to spank your ass, grab your boobs and ass. The up and down riding is pleasing but you can as well spice things up. Try the back and forth movements, as well as doing it from the sides. You can face the other side as you ride him and this gives him a better view of your ass.


  1. Confidence is Key.

Maintain eye contact with your man and avoid self-doubt every time you execute a sexy move. They say confidence is sexy. Grab his dick and be the one to tuck it in between your legs. Initiating sex makes your man feel appreciated and turns him on even more. Remember to get his dick hard before you shove it into your cookie.

  1. Music.

You know the explicit music that will get you into the mood and rhythm? Soul and blues is a good choice, it’s slow, soothing and basically about romance. The rhythm in the music has an influence in how you take the rides. Consider if he prefers the music genre so that when you tire, he will come to your aid and flip you over.

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