4 types of singles, number 3 will shock you! ?


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Okay, that’s a lie. Number 3 won’t shock you but this post will make for an interesting read considering how this cold month has been brutal. By the way, how are singles surviving in this weather? Winter surely did come and we hope it’s gonna pass soonest. Take a read, analyze the type of single person you are, then breathe in, breathe out and go get yourself a partner. Or not, get an extra blanket for the cold.

1. Mr/Miss Seeker

The dating world has not been kind to them. They’ve been searching and searching….(and are still searching). You’ll find them on dating apps, checking chics out at events and all. If it’s ladies, you’ll find some commenting on hot guys’ posts, trying to throw major hints.

2. Fling creep

This is the type who’s skipping from one relationship to the next. They can’t really tell you that they’re dating coz they have not been in any stable relationship. ย Can we say a guy dating four chics at a go is really in a relationship? Certified fisi yes but fisiz and fisilets are not known to be in relationships.

3. Sappy super-single

They are confused about why their love life is not coming through for them. “Why i’m always single?” “Doesn’t anyone love me?” “I’m such as good and loyal person i don’t understand why no one likes me..” and the sappy boring tale continues. Errh, stop whining and do something about it already.

4. Fly single

Being single sucks but not these kinds of singles. They’re out there having fun. I think they take a line out of Camilla Cabello’s new song “Ain’t no crying in the club”. Game nights for the boys, girls’ night out for the chicks. There is life beyond being in a relationship. They’re living it up in their own way and so should you.



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