5 crazy Kenyan campus parties to attend, #1 is the best??


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Form ni bash if you’re in any Kenyan campus or college because those parties have tales you wouldn’t want to miss. All the scandalous things you can imagine take place at bashes. I’m sure some, if not most of y’all have attended these Kenya campus parties. After a party, you will be left feeling bablas but the stories you’ll have to share with others will be funny. If you won’t have passed out and forgotten every thing. Here are Kenyan campus parties not to miss.

1. “THE” Party!

This is one of those parties that are usually given so much hype. They are announced in all Whatsapp groups, people keep talking about them and that’s the only thing all of you are looking forward to on the weekend. You’re feeling all psyched up and ready to get it on and groove on with your other campus-going friends. Then boom, you get there and the party is soooo laaaame and boring. Ughhhhh. The music is whack, the chics are just sitted there not dancing, everyone is on their phone…. Everything about that party is just baaad. And all for what? I’m sure you’ve been to such a party in one these Kenyan campuses.

2. Themed party

These parties are all about dressing up in a specific look. It might be a black and white themed party. An all white party. It doesn’t matter what dress-code they decide but the point is, themed parties have specific looks that you have to show up in. Kenyan campus students like these kinda bashes since you get to dress your best, take your chic out and still look cool. If you haven’t been to one it’s time to make plans to attend one in a Kenyan campus that you attend.

3. Cock fest party

Or sausage fest in other words. These are the Kenyan campus parties that only take place in JKUAT. Haha, sorry for that shade. Anyways, cock fest parties are usually filled with nothing but men. You try to spot a chic to get it on with but you have better luck looking for a needle in a haystack than finding a chic at such a party. It’s usually not a choice that the men make but the girls who have been invited usually just fail to show or they end up leaving a little too early. The only two options left if you find yourself here is to either leave or have fun with the music and the goodies there.

4. The dorm party

Kenyan campus students who stay in hostels or dorms usually hold these parties. Especially the first few months when they start joining and they want to be seen as ‘cool’ and ‘in-touch’ with all things campus. People bring booze, talk loudly, hit on girls, there’s some music. The problem is that these parties get out of hand and guys are busted by the accomodation patron. Then it’s a whole mess trying to explain your way out of it. It’s a great way of getting to know your hostel neighbours because most of them will definitely attend.

5. The Lit party

This is the kinda Kenyan campus party that has everything right. The music is banging, the space is enough to move around, the chics are on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire, the dudes are on top of their game. Eyyy, this is THE party to attend. Drinks and other things are enough to go around. There are fun games to keep everyone on their edge. This is the banger party you want to attend while in campus. Be on the lookout for the best party.

Have fun responsibly


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