The 5 different lecturers you will have and how to handle them


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School is back. We are now about two weeks into the last semester of 2017 which is very tricky as we might just end up cutting it short with the election mode that we are in. On the positive side, we just hope for the best despite the results from the re-election. We have gotten immersed back into campus culture, enjoying the syllabus and hanging out with old and new friends. Some of us have not put our minds into school yet. However, after you drop in for class, it gets real and you have to deal with new lecturers for some classes. Here’s a list of the types of professors you’ll have in college, and what to do when you meet them.

The Piriton

You’ll encounter the boring professor a few times during the first few years of uni if you are new into campus. If you already have encountered such, it never grows old. If you are lucky, some professors acknowledge that they are boring and try to make the subject as light as possible—while other professors fall short and teach straight from PowerPoint slides or the textbook with no extra insight. You will have to a have a lot of patience to get through the class. Take it upon yourself to gauge whether the lectures are crucial to receiving an A.

Does the professor’s monotone voice actually giving out information that will be useful on the next test? Still, go to as many classes as possible because mere exposure to the material is better than skipping altogether. Your parents will also appreciate you utilizing the classes they spent hard-earned money on.

The complex one

You know those lecturers who use words like ‘perambulate?’ Those ones! As if, comprehending he quagmire of phosphorylation is not hard enough, they add a thick accent. Some of them whisper in a lecture hall of 200+ students and you’ll be sorry you came to college. Some professors may speed through their lessons leaving you more confused than before you came to class. Before you say something offensive, or consider your institution hell on earth, remember that your professor is trying their best, or what they believe is an effective teaching method.

I had a professor with a really thick Jang’o accent in one of my economics (the hardest), and I thought I was going to fail. As soon as I voiced my concerns, he helped me out a lot. I also tried to stay ahead in my studies so I was always prepared for the lecture. I looked ahead in the books he recommended so I could try to follow along, and I reached out when I needed help.

The Self-praise one

they want to tell us know their accomplishments in life instead of helping us accomplish ourselves. Every begin of a statement s a short history of the important things he has done in life like being part of a very important research panel that solve a huge problem in society.

All you have to do to keep up with such in ignore the first statements and take in deeply the others that follow. The ones that give you the know-how of getting that A at the end of the semester.

The ‘high standards’ one

these are the kind of lecturers who despise those that do not participate and perform at the same time. They might make you feel like a loser if you do not perform well. They expect nothing but the best. Sometimes life does not give you the grade you desire and you will most likely fail. These teachers aren’t messing around when it comes to failing students, and they want you to know that from the start.

Instead of complaining about how unfair this class is, make sure you make that much more of an effort to get sh*t done. There is no other way.

The perfect one

Most professors love their job and are really passionate about what they teach. Hopefully, your school has screened lecturers for their effective lectures and their clear public speaking skills. These professors get you excited for class, even if you don’t necessarily like the subject they are teaching. They make you glad you decided to earn a college degree, and you can’t wait to get to know them better. Fortunately, with professors like these, they make it very clear from introduction days what they expect from their students. Strive to be that kind of student whether that’s turning your homework in on time or staying after class for more in-depth discussions.

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