5 Fears Every Guy has in a relationship


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Men are wired to worry about relationships. A LOT. Especially if they really like(love?) their chic. We tend to over analyze imagined issues and blow them up into gigantic mountains. We have our fears. Some of them are ridiculous but hey, we’re only human.

1. She’s cheating on you and everyone knows about it

Yea, this is the one thing all men secretly fear. She better not be cheating.

2. She finds the sex boring

This is one of the most embarrassing fears.  We think about it all the time. You don’t want to be that guy who is poor in the sack and has a girl who just ‘perseveres’. Girls, please be open with us if we’re that bad. But do it nicely, no need of using that in an argument sister.

3. She’s a psycho

All men have that fear that their girlfriends might be a little crazy. She could be a ‘sicho’ but we don’t want to know. Girls, keep that crazy for your next ex.

4. Her friends and family hate you

Does her sister hate you? Do her friends wish you weren’t with her? Does her brother think you’re not good enough? Men secretly fear they’ve not gotten approval of their girlfriend’s inner circle, the circle that matters.

5. Your relationship will come to an end, soon

WE.ALL.HAVE.THIS.FEAR. The thing with good things is that they’re not assured to last forever so that irrational worry keeps some men up all night. What if you’re not good enough and she leaves and finds another guy in 48hours?

But fears are just that, fears. Most of the time that is.  Other times, well…

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