5 hustle tips for campo students


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There are two universal languages in the world. Money and love. It doesn’t matter where you are from but love and money are two very phenomenal subjects. Love is pain and money will never be enough. Today I’ll be putting on my Dr. Money hat and share a few tips about money and wealth that we can all take home.

1. Don’t procrastinate

Start. In your wealth creation plan, it will all make sense if you start. Whether it’s saving, starting a business, taking a loan for a new opportunity, make sure to start. Don’t put it off and say you’ll do it another day. Kickstart your wealth creation now. Within a few weeks time, you will have the discipline to keep on going. The most important thing is to avoid procrastinating on those big dreams of yours. It starts with a small single step.

2. Start small

Ksh. 20 is a lot of money by the way. In seven days, how much does 20bob every day add up to? It’s lame and I’m sure you’ve heard this one so many times. Honestly, make a plan with the little you have. Buy drinks and then throw in the remaining little coins to your M-Shwari. Go buy pizza and then save those few coins. It pays. It will help in the long run. Every step counts. The reason why most of us think this idea is lame is that we have never tried it. Have you ever saved a small amount of cash for a week? Ever? Give it a try.

3. Partner up

We all want to make money but we feel if we go at it alone it will be easier. Money is very selfish. True. We want to be rich alone. But do you know the difference between rich and wealthy? Team up with a friend or two about a business idea that you have so that all of you are working towards the same goal. This will help in distributing workload and you’ll have a bigger pool of ideas. The losses that you make (this is expected) will be shared and you won’t have to bear it alone.

4. Get yourself into a work circle

Work, work, work and when you’re done working, work some more. Your wealth will be grown out of work. Work smart, yes, but work nonetheless. Work exposes you to a lot of ethics and a whole new world of opportunities and networks. It also helps build your muscle of working hard that you will never shy off when given the opportunity to contribute somewhere. You can volunteer, work for a pay, offer services but the most important thing is to make sure you get yourself into a work circle.

5. Don’t put pressure on yourself

Unless you have a knack for making millions in two days, nothing is going to come easy. So take a chill pill, breathe in and do what you can. The rest will work out. In your twenties, don’t feel like you MUST have millions in your bank account. Your efforts are going to pay off in time. Just be consistent. And start NOW.



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