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It takes commitment, consistency and willpower to start up a business at any age. You can balance school work with business very effectively. Here are five lessons to learn when starting a business in campus.

Turn internships into start ups. You will have more responsibilities but it will be worth it. You may find yourself working on projects that are directly in-line with your business idea. Use what you are taught in class to run your business. You will also expose yourself with connections that will come in handy with networking.

You will be frowned upon. Your friends might not understand why you would choose your business over an internship. You must do what you got to do without having to explain yourself to anyone. Have your own brain.

You will graduate from the school of hard knocks. You gain skills and networks that cannot be taught in school. Surviving becomes your natural instinct.

You will need every inch of resourcefulness. You must have the ability to come up with solutions to difficult situations. With a resourcefulness mindset you are always driven to find a way out of any tight spot.

Your lack of a social life will actually be rewarding. Your social life will be dead. You will also miss in most parties because you won’t have the time. The good news is that the sacrifice will be worth it. After the hustle you will have the power to throw any party of your liking.

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