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Hey ladies, have you been contemplating about having a side guy? Do you savour some taste of adventure? If yes, what is holding you back? The fear that you will lose your guy? Come on, look through your phone, so how many guys are after your ass? Trillions of dudes I bet .What about the cat calls you hear behind your back by the roadside? Well maybe that’s nothing to write home about since your cat callers ain’t your type of dudes.

Have you been out with your dude probably for lunch then you came across this hot dude and you suddenly want to dump your guy -like a hot pan? And run your hands in these newly-found crush’ hair and pull his beard towards you .Well, your (wet) dreams could come to fruition.

Let me tell you why you need that crush.  Forget about being loyal to your guy for now, how sure are you that your guy is faithful to you anyway? If you lose him, you’ll still find me here waiting for your shattered heart. Of course I’ll cry with you then probably write to you how you can get him back. That aside you need that side guy for these reasons:

  1. The lonely nights.

So, what about those days when your guy goes out with his friends and leaves you behind on cold and lonely nights? Who’s going to cuddle with you? Does your guy avoid you during that time of the month? That time when you badly need him?  You need that back-up plan to keep you close to his heart in times of despair and lonely nights.

  1. for the I.G. Pics.

Most ladies want to flaunt on IG with the so called, hot dudes. Well, if your significant other is nothing close to the cover page models or the IG models, you badly need a hot side-guy! If your guy also hates showing you off on social media, a side guy who’s into the photos, serves you right. Consider photo-shoots with him every weekend and flaunt with them on the gram, that way, you got your guy sobbing from dawn to dusk. Remember to block your guy from seeing your photos or let your side-cock do the posting and tagging. That way, you’ll keep your hands clean!

  1. Slap on your ex’ face.

So what if he wakes up one morning and doesn’t feel your vibe anymore? Where you’re broken is heart going to turn to? Don’t keep all your balls in one basket girl. If he’s going to dump you, at least have someone else at bay and one in dire need of your silly ass. After he breaks your heart, you my now freely walk around with your back-up plan. Then you’ll prove to him how ‘fast’ you can move on after a heartache. That will be a slap on his face girl!

  1. To mend your broken heart.

Have you experienced those sleepless nights after having experienced a heartbreak during the day? With a side guy, you will never wallow into despair once your guy dumps you. You will find him right there with open arms waiting for your shattered heart. The nights will be something to remember. How beautifully he’ll hold your face in the light and kiss you to dawn and remind you that you are a precious jewel. Then your shattered heart will be whole again. Then you will preach to everyone who cares to listen, that you have been touched by an angel.

  1. Foot extra bills.

So you want that designer handbag for a birthday present but your guy said that he is broke. Maybe he cites delayed salary and piling debts as excuses for not meeting your needs. You badly need to bag an extra dude, that way you have all your bills and demands met.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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