5 reasons why it is okay to be a virgin in your 20s


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Okay, first of all, it is never that serious.Whatever your reasons are, religious or personal, for choosing to remain a virgin till your 20s despite the peer pressure it is great. It is totally normal to beat all the talks and stories around why you are a virgin in college or campus. Here are some the reasons why it is totally cool

1.You are not ready

Most of the people aren’t. I am not vouching for anyone to go ahead and do it anyway. You feel like you are still not ready to entrust just anyone with your precious body. Most thoughts go into the aftermath and especially that of the pain, for the ladies. You might also be overthinking about the place,time and how of the act. You are also looking for the one,you know, peaches and cream kind of fairytale.

2. You just don’t want to have sex

It is as simple as that. You are either asexual (without sexual feelings or associations) or not interested in sex at all. You are simply listening to your body which is dictating that you do not have a sex drive. There are people who are like this and are totally normal.

3. It is a milestone

another reason why it is totally okay to be a virgin in your 20s is because you are looking at it as a milestone. Instead of commonly looking at it like something you really want to get to rid, you are simply looking at it as an achievement.

4. You may feel free

Being a virgin can be particularly liberating for a number of reasons. You don’t have to worry about things like unplanned pregnancies or STIs, or making sure that you’re using contraceptives every time you are intimate with someone.You are also taking time to learn more about sex from the stories and myths from your peers. By the time you do it, you will probably be a pro.

5. You are finding yourself

Taking time to discover who you really are is absolutely normal. The pressure might be very annoying but it also teaches you a few lessons about yourself and who you really are. The feelings of being left out and those of inferiority are the ones that truly make you who you are.






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