He is like a boomerang!


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Every lady has probably encountered that psycho boyfriend and later, ex, who always gets on her nerves. He’s the kind of guy who shows up at your doorstep with flowers even after you blocked all his phone numbers and thrown a trail of insults at him. He is the kind of guy who tags you in his Instagram posts with captions like feeling loved with bae, yet you had already dumped him and moved on with a new catch.

Here are the reasons why your psycho dude sticks around :

1. Esteem issues.

He probably believes that letting go of you will cause havoc to his life. And his whole world may come crumbling down.

He probably lacks confidence in himself and since he sweat profusely akikuingiza box, and he, unfortunately, lost you, his confidence is on zero. Because of this, he doesn’t believe that he can pin another yeng’ down. That is why he sticks around even after you shamed him in public.

2. He loves you to a fault.

Let’s face it, obsession is real.

So how do you know that your ex has crossed the obsession border? Here are some questions to ask yourself. Does he call you for hours on end even when it’s evident to him that you are snobbing him? Does he stalk on you on social media and fish out photos you had taken years back in a bid to question you about them? Letting go or getting rid of such a guy can be the hardest task. Sorry. You could try disappearing out of his paths – out of sight out of mind, you know.

3. He just wants the shipoto.

He’s more into action and your bad vibe doesn’t send him to the hills. So atagonga vilivyo even though you insult him all through.

He may even cum half-way between your dirty talk and mean insults. So after it’s done, notice how he walks away from you. Notice how he looks at you – like a bad omen or a plague? Basi yake ni kugonga vitu tu! 


4. Bado hajakagua mali.

Let’s be real, there’s that bitter ex who never got a chance to rarua your meat. He’s still stuck at the thought of chewing you dry-fry only that you are a stubborn damsel. So he worships the ground you walk on, hoping that one day he’ll delve beneath your clothes.

He calls you even if you moved on with your new guy. He could be irritating I know, but I also know that his frequent calls are a confidence boost to you. So, girl, if you dare give in to his demands, you’ll lose that power and oh yeah, he’ll discard you after the ordeal. No doubt about that.

5. He’s on a revenge mission.

There’s this crew of dudes who believe that they should be the ones doing the discarding of their women and it can and should never happen in the vice versa.

But hey, if love is no longer served at the table, why should a damsel hang around and live in distress? Will you wait until he rings the break-up bell so that you can scamper out of the situationship?  Eeh? Unangoja kengele? If you trash him then he still hangs around, be sure that a revenge mission is cooking. Atagonga vitu, amwage ndani, then run for the hills!  Resist giving him another chance at all costs! Unless you have a revenge mission of your own.

There you have it. Is there any other reason that should be on this list?        

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