5 Secrets to Female Masturbation


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It’s no secret that solo-sex is the safest sex. So that’s why we at mpango.co.ke are always looking for the most resourceful info on solo sexual fulfilment. Like these little 5 secrets on the ins and outs of female self-stimulation, or like we love to call it here – shesturbation



  1. She Cums Quicker Solo

Told you; solo-sex is the best sex! Lol! On average, galz take longer to orgasm than dudes do. “For a woman’s nerve endings to be stimulated and for the blood flow to get down into her genitals, it can take up to 15 or 20 minutes of foreplay,” explains Sadie Allison, Ph.D.
But she might be a lot faster-going    solo than she is with her f*ck boy in the sack. That could be because she’s more focused on her own pleasure (instead of his) or because she knows exactly what she wants. A lot of ngeus can hit the spot in 2 to 3 minutes on their own, but will take 10 or more—or can’t get there at all—with a dude.

  1. She Does It Less Often

According to research, 25% of guys wank at least 3 times per week, and 55% do it at least once a month. But for ladies, those stats are considerably lower: Only 10% of ladies report pleasuring themselves three times per week, and 38% go down below once a month.
How come? (forgive the pun) She might see self-pleasure as more of a production, not just a quick rub-and-go activity. It could also be because of the stigma associated with female masturbation, which can follow many women into adulthood. Most boys begin before they’re 10, ngeus start later, often in their 20s.


  1. She Needs To Prepare Well

The boy-child can get it off almost anywhere. They can be in-between lectures and rub off in the toilet before hitting the lecture hall. For the lasses however, environment is everything. Maybe she pulls out a special lubricant, lights a few candles, or draws a bath before starting self-pleasure. Most ngeus need their minds to be focused to solo-sex, and if there are any distractions whatsoever, that can mess things up.


  1. She Doesn’t Always Have To Cum

This might be the biggest difference between f*ck boiz and ngeus. When dudes masturbate, the goal is very obvious: spill it all out. For the ladies is quite different though. As in for real. True story. Some ngeus are satisfied with solo-sex before reaching climax, or regardless of whether they cum or not. It’s quality over spill over. The most important thing is about taking time for yourself.


  1. She Cums And Keeps Going

Unlike point #4 above, if she decides she’s going for the chequred flag, she doesn’t stop at the finish line. She overlaps more than once! For the boy child, it takes a lot of energy to actual cum. Here’s a mental snap; for the body to actually push all of that fluid from the prostate, through the spiral tubing, then through the testicles, up and out of the penis, it requires calories (peanuts anyone?). That’s why your f*ck boy needs time to chill after a rao. For ngeus, it’s a bit different. They don’t need recovery time after hitting their high note. They can keep going for rounds, and rounds, and rounds…

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