10 signs that you need a BETTER schedule


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Being a young adult comes with its own struggles. You think that you have a lot of time in your hands, until you do not. Responsibilities comes your way then you fail to complete them. If you feel like you are over-whelming yourself most of the ties then you need a brand new schedule. Here are some of  the signs that you have a really bad schedule.

  1. You have to say no to many things- even to the things that you love because you do not really have time to do them.

2. You do not get back home until nightfall- the hostel has become a place where you sleep and sleep some more.

3. You survive on coffee/energy drinks- that is the only thing that keeps you sane and going. It is the only thing that will show make you work

4. You do not have a social life- you barely have a social life,if you have time for one at all.

5. You over-stay hanging out too much- you have to sacrifice sleep in order to have a social life.

6. You are always overwhelmed- everything about every activity in your schedule annoys you when you are about to partake of it.

7. You cannot wait for the holidays- you just want to wish your life away and skip the responsibilities right to the holidays.

8. You plan your day by the hour- things just pop up after you are done with the first task.

9.You live in the library- because that is the only quiet place where you can get things done.

10. Sometimes you even forget to do important things- you forget to shower or eat. Which goes to show how bad your schedule really is because these are essential things..

It is time that you got yourself a pen and paper where you will write down a better schedule to fit your lifestyle and stick it in your room.

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