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My heart bleeds for all the ladies who are dating guys in their wildest imaginations. Sis, before you give your heart, soul and body, why don’t you check first whether you are dating yourself? Here are quick and random  ways to tell whether you are dating a cheat:

1. His house

Why does he always insist on escorting you home or stating that he can’t have you all weekend after a visit to his place on Friday? Who’s he bringing over for the better part of the weekend?

Does he sulk when you appear in his house unannounced? Why does he put his phone on silent mode during your entire visit?

Another thing: does he lock you up in the house and is afraid of any knocks at the door while you are visiting him? Just face it, he can smell his drama queen from afar! 

If he gives you a time frame during which you should make your visits then am sorry dear, you are not ‘The one’!

If you don’t have the keys to his apartment, then you definitely don’t have keys to his heart.

2. His & Her wardrobe

He hardly goes shopping without you then all of a sudden, he doesn’t want to carry you along to the boutiques?

Red flag.

Have you noticed that he has a whole different taste for trousers and shirts? It could be that his new girl is pro’ly dressing him.

Does his wardrobe seem a little different from how you arranged it last? Can you spot feminine clothes in his wardrobe and he laughs it off as his sister’s ‘forgetfulness’?

Have you spotted new earrings that have been carelessly placed within his house? Someone could be marking her territory.

3. His phone.

In as much as phones are a sensitive issue, they matter a lot in matters relationships. The way your boyfriend saves you on his phone dictates the value he has placed on you.

Have you randomly  tried dialling your number via his phone? Did you come across a weird name  against your number? Say names like katambi, sumbua.

If so, don’t question him about the same, walk away and retain your dignity.

Do you sometimes call him only for your calls to be received by his other chics or nosy friends? Sorry, you are just an afterthought to him.


4. Rattle the snake.

If you rattle a snake you should be ready to be bitten by it.

Try leaving behind your earrings or yellow thong in his bathroom and wait for his reaction. Will you still find them in the same place you left them or will you find another pair next to yours?  

If he calls after your visit to reprimand you for leaving your stuff at his place, walk away. Actually, run!

5. That locked drawer.

Has he barred you from accessing a certain drawer in his house?

Why is he so against you accessing that ‘locked drawer ‘ anyway? Maybe he is married and that drawer contains his wife’s and children’s stuff.

Beware of such little secrets.

If he is keeping them from you, then he is probably not worth your time.


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