Does your man display any of these?


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Ladies, do you understand that your sexual moves may never cum (pun intended ) to fruition if you don’t understand his sex life? Are you aware of your man’s fetishes? That strange and kinky object or situation that may make him cum his balls out?

Here are strange fetishes that men have:

1. Pekejeng’ next door.

Your guy probably doesn’t mind the moans and groans next door during pekejeng’. It may be a turn off to you, but just wait, he may grab your ass right in the middle of your neighbour’s coitus. Then boom! you’ll all be groaning in unison.

2. Your sexy heels.

Let’s face it guys,  there’s nothing as sexy as a lady in heels. Just how that lady exudes confidence and the bossy attitude she possesses. Bossy is sexy. So girls, don your heels to bed next time, if and only if it turns him on.  

3. Tiger your pet.

The groans and moans your pet cat makes during pekejeng’ probably reminds him of your pussy. He probably fantasizes about having pekejengin the woods only that you bar him from the same. Let loose girl, then you can moan with Tiger in unison. Just how deep will your bond with Tiger be when you both get to cloud nine? Or will you both look into each other’s eyes and shy away lazily?


4. Your ‘stinky’ punani.

Yes, your ‘dirty’ and unwashed shipoto exudes enough fragrance that turns him on. Don’t be shocked if he dashes south early morning after last night’s messy and soggy sex. He doesn’t mind your ‘smelly’ punani.  You are being insecure for nothing. He loves it creamy and ‘stinky’. And remember, it’s best served hot.

5. Onyango nikamatie dame.

Sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but your guy fantasises about his close friend chewing you. Yes, chewing you raw. Don’t be fooled by how hard he sulks at the sight of you sexting your crush. Has he pestered you at times to join him in a threesome? Give in to his demands, only if you have a thing for the other guy. Trust me, the bond will only get stronger.

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