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College is a great place to explore many first time incidents. Your first boyfriend or girlfriend maybe? And then they will come a time where you need to get out of the schools hostels and get your first bedsitter or one-bed-roomed house.

Do not expect much of this because the pockets will probably not allow you. You will probably not move in to an apartment (a furnished one). Let us call them as we are used to- FLATS! Flats that are not close to the main road.  Flats that have a fumy name like ‘Wa-kamodo flats.’

Here are some tips that will aid you in your house hunting:

1. Hunt waaay before you fee the need to move

Looking for a place way in advance helps you plan and execute without pressure. You could start by asking your friends who have already moved from their campus hostels. By the time you start searching, you would have come down to a shorter list of places to look.

2. Make a wish list 

Identify places that you would want to search house from and list them down. List you needs and wants and then counter check with your budget. Do not stretch yourself too thin.If you feel like the houses on your lists are not withing your ideal price range, prioritize on your needs first before catering for your wants.

3. Potential roommates? Meet them

If you are planning on getting a roommate, it is best if you sit down for a chat chat about where to start looking for a house. Start off with locations that interest you both. Splitting rent and other costs is also a factor that you will need to talk about. If you do not know anything about them, house hunting will give you a platform that will tell you more about their behavior. Deliberately, add more potential location to your search list if you want to get to know them more.

4. Talk to to your parents about the costs

The reason why you decide to move to a flat is because you can actually afford through whatever source of income you have. There is the option of splitting rent with your roommate if you have one. Keeping in mid that there extra costs on top  of the rest, like the rent deposit, you can request for the help of family. Do not be afraid to ask for your folks to chip in. Take advantage of being young and dependency.

5. Know about extra costs

It is important for you to sit down with your landlord so as to know what utilities will be provided in the rent payment. You may find that some apartments will offer services like satellite television. Other separates payments would be those of electricity, water, garbage collection and security.


Happy house hunting!




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