Curbing drunk dialing!


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Forget about hangovers and fishy acts during drinking sprees. How many are able to curb the drunk dialing menace? They  say  there’s  wisdom  in  beer, with  one  hand  on  your  alcohol  and  the  other  on  your  phone  how’s  that likely  to  end  up ? You probably  going  to end  up  making  calls  that  you  shouldn’t  have  made  had  you  being  sober .  How  about  the  regrets  and  guilt  that  catch  up  with  you  in  the  event  that  you  make  horrible  calls ?  Say  to  your  father  who  abandoned  you  years  ago  or  to  your  ex  whom  you  cried  your  heart  out  to.  How  about  realizing that  you called  your  inconsiderate boss and  made  mean  insults  at  him ?

Here are ways to avoid drunk dialing:

  1. Keep your phone out of sight.

If you are going to the bar to grab a drink, leave your phone behind. Chances are, you may be tempted to make calls. Keeping  your  phone  out  of  your  sight  will  definitely  keep  it  out  of  your  mind.

2. Tell your friend about it.

Open  up  to  your  friends  or  drinking  buddies  about  the  situation  you  are  facing. They’ll  probably  keep  your  phone  away  or  snatch  it  from  you  when  you  try  to  make  calls  in  a  drunken  state. They  may  also  challenge  you  to  swap  phones  with  them  in  the  event  that  you  attempt  to  make  calls  when  you  are  drunk.

3. Solve your stressful issues before hand.

Stress  related  issues  to  a  larger  extent  may  contribute  to  drunk  dialing. It’s  advisable  to  deal  with  the  stressful  issues  at  hand  before  resorting  to  a  drink. Talk  to  your  boss  about  your  work shift  or  the  crazy  working  hours. Talk  to  your  soul mate  concerning  your  relationship  issues  and  how  best  they  should  be  well  solved. That  being  solved ,  you  are  likely  to  grab  drinks  with  a  clear  mind.

4. Insist on interesting drinking buddies.

Good  company  will  keep  you  busy  and  is  likely  to  drift  some  thoughts  away. Drinking in solitude will do the exact opposite. Several  thoughts  may  overwhelm  you   and  you  may  resort  to  killing  your  boredom  with  your  phone  in  hand. Chances are, you’ll make that nasty call.  Kill  the  boredom  with  your  buddies  as  you  take  your  shots .

5. Limit your alcohol intake.

No doubt, alcohol comes   along with so many illusions. You  may  be  taking  one  beer  after  the  other  and  strangely  refute any claims  about  being  drunk. Your  drunken  state  may  dupe  you  into  believing  that  making  a  call  in  that  state  would  be  advisable. Which could not be the case. Resist from taking too much alcohol. Being abit tipsy wouldn’t be a bad idea after all.  You  won’t  face  the  embarrassments  of  puking   on  yourself  or  picking  up  silly  fights. Moreover, you’ll resist the drunk dials more.

6. Change your drinking spot.

Truth  be  told,  some  bars  are  just  plain  boring .Enjoy  your  booze   in  a  place  with  much  hype. Wine  tastings  are  a  good  spot  to  drink ,  alternatively  resort  to  bars  with  indoor  games like  chess  and  pool;  that  will  keep  your  mind  engaged. How about you try a bar by the ocean? Isn’t  that  beauty  enough  to  keep  your  mind  disengaged  from  drunk  dialing ?



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