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It has been some heck of crazy weeks for Kenya with all the political shenanigans going on. that break from books has been too long we have probably even forgotten how to hold a pen. You know that feeling? When our ads were buried deep in books, all we wanted was adventure and lazy sun-filled afternoons. Some weeks in and we are already over it. Here is why you might feel the same way I do:

Living at home is making us feel like we are 10 years- I know right? Being pushed around is not funny at all. You be baby-sitting  your younger siblings  like me. Everything just feels like we are back to 10 years old where we cannot even go against the curfew. And don’t we just hate being scolded by mom?!

We secretly miss the school klabu-  I do not know how y’all call the kibandaskis of your schools,but our is called klabu. If you have been to UoN,you have probably been there.The food there is hella affordable, healthy and delish. They okolea us when we are too lazy to cook.Heck, we do not even cook most of the time.

We miss the campus events- Most of them are usually free anyways. I miss the walks to the school notice boards, because I could never lack an event to go to for the weekend. There would never lack a squad turn up though.

I secretly miss achieving- Besides all the fun that campus has to offer, there is the studies that took us there in the first place. There is something about scoring high on those CATs that we put hard work to that gives us the satisfaction.

My mouth itches with sharing gossip- Girls, if you feel me, can I get an Amen?! Even if we are aware of the latest gossip, we just feel better when we analyze it and share it with our squaa. Going in depth with gossip also helps us uncover new information that we did not know of before. Those and lunch breaks are not the same.

Boys!Girls!- With campus, comes good vibes, relationships and hook ups. We miss the hot boys and hot girls that we bump into in the streets of campus. Day in, day out, someone, somewhere in campus is trying to add your number into their contact list.

What else do you miss in campus? Tell us in the comment section below.



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