6 signs that you just had epic sex


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For the ladies, the hair is always such a great mess and for the dudes, well, the grin on the face would tell it all. That is how great sex looks like afterwards.We all know great sex when it happens.You wake up and want to simultaneously do cartwheels, call your BFFs, and glue yourself to the warm body next to you so you’ll never EVER have be apart.So how do you know you just had epic sex?

  1. You need to shower afterwards. And not because you feel dirty from doing an un-Godly act. Because you feel dirty from sweating like you just went for a jog of a lifetime in a football pitch.
  2. Clothes and to be specific, panties are lodged under the bed. Like, how did they even get there? No seriously, I want to know.
  3. If you’re actually having good sex, you won’t be wondering about that sukumawiki in your teeth or if all this rolling around will rub of your eyebrows. All your brain can manage is incomprehensible moaning, and that’s how it should be when your body and your head are in the game.
  4. You take your sweet time.Good sex is something you never want to end, and it leaves you wishing you could stay in your cocoon of bliss and messy sheets forever.
  5. Your neighbour gives you the serious side-eye when you see him/her at the gate or right when you leave at the same time.
  6. Every part of your body is just so painful. You feel like your legs cannot do the walking anymore.

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