6 Tips Of Taking Care Of Your First Moti


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So you have got yourself a new moti or maybe your folks finally lend you a car to drive to school or what not.Let us just be frank, cars can be a pain in the a$$. Here is what you need to know about cars and how to take care  of yours.

Change your oil every 8,000 to 12,000 kilometers and use a reliable brand.

Denying your car of gas is like denying a person of water, but denying them of an oil change is similar to denying a person of food. Cars can last a little bit longer without an oil change, but they won’t be comfortable, and they can even break down if you go too long between oil changes. Oil changes aren’t too pricey, so save some shmoney a month and after a few months, get your oil changed! You and your car will be grateful for it!

Drive alone

Accidents are more likely to occur when there’s more than one person in the car. It doesn’t matter how skillful a driver you think you are, or how focused you try to be, friends equal distractions. And distracted driving can have horrible consequences, from car damage to severe personal injury. That’s why it’s important to wait at least six months to a year before you start driving with anyone other than your parents.

Clean the inside and outside of your car every month. Seriously.

Keeping your car clean is like keeping your room clean, except everyone can see your car and gauge how dirty (or clean) you are. An unclean car will eventually attract dirt and grime that can damage your interior and exterior, and probably won’t earn you any extra props from that person you like.

Check your tire pressure every month and rotate your tires every 7,500 miles.

Incorrect tire pressure can lead to a ton of problems, including poor breaking, instability, less gas mileage, and of course, a flat tire, so check your tire pressure with a gauge. Also, rotate your tires often to make sure that they wear evenly, making sure you get the most before replacing them.

Never Let Your Fuel Tank Drop to E

Once the fuel dips below the quarter mark, it begins running out rapidly and you may panic. If there’s no fuel station near you, you’re out of luck! So as a general rule, never let your fuel tank drop below 1/4 full, to save yourself unnecessary worry.

Keep your engine’s temperature balanced

If you find that your car engine is overheating,first, always carry an extra bottle of coolant (also called antifreeze) in your car, as well as a jug of water. Engines typically overheat because the coolant’s low, so topping it off will usually solve the problem.

What other ways would you take care of your first car?



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