7 lies that TV taught us about sex


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Whether we like it or not, TV and pop-culture has had a major impact on the way we grew up, and taught us some very important lessons about life, love and friendship.Here are a few lies you’ve been told about sex that you need to realize are completely false:

  1. Girls wear lingerie all the time– No! No! Sexy underwear can be worn almost every other time though,just not all the time. Girls are just as human and they have their days where they just wake up and chose anything from the closet.
  2. That sex is perfect all the time– Smooth kissing and steamy flowing sex is not realistic. There are always going to be awkward moments during sex.Someone might fart, the other might hit your head during kissing or your teeth might collide. Worse is that you may trip while trying to carry her! Haha! That is not even award, panties may be hard to be remove. Arrrgh!
  3. That everyone you have sex with will be your future spouse– Let us not even go to marriage. Not everyone you have sex will fall in love with you.Just because you’re having sex with someone unfortunately doesn’t mean that their heart is in it for the long haul.
  4. That you should orgasm from sex– this goes out to the ladies.Most women aren’t able to orgasm from vaginal sex.It only happens when their clitoris is stimulated. Do not believe the hype.
  5. That you can avoid pregnancy– you always run the risk of getting pregnant. Actions zako sahii zina-affect future yakoChora mpango wa kutumia condoms.No matter what, there’s always a possibility of becoming pregnant.
  6. That using protection isn’t “cool”-using protection is super important, to not only protect against unwanted pregnancy but also against sexually transmitted infections. Remember kids, wrap it before you tap it, even if they don’t show that part in the movies.
  7. That you can have sex anywhere, like in a library, without being caught– sounds thrilling right? Well, that is only in the movies.You do not want to risk being expelled.This is just but a  fantasy for a lot of people, highly risky and most likely impossible…and also, illegal.

What other lies do you think TV and the internet feeds us about sex?

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