Why he bailed on you?


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It could be your first or umpteenth date with your man. Yet nothing feels as irritating as a man cancelling a date at the last minute. You have to make new plans, remove your make up and comes to term with it. Some ladies throw tantrums, others keep calm and still others block the guy and make him a long forgotten story. Whichever the case, you have to follow through and get a solid reason as to why he cancelled the date. Here are 7 reasons why men cancel dates:

  1. New plans

Some guys are vulnerable and would fall for last minute plans. He would prefer attending a party to spending time with you, or going out with his boys yet you had scheduled a date. If he’s swept away by other plans instead of attending to your date, sorry to burst your bubble, you are not that important to him

  1. Empty Pockets.

If a guy plans spending cash on you, thumbs up. Thumbs down if he’s a drug addict or alcoholic. He may get drunk the night before the date and spend his entire money on alcohol. He won’t have enough confidence to face you with an empty wallet and beetroot eyes. After all will you bail him out due to his inconsiderate action and alcohol addiction.


  1. To see your reactions.

Some men are wired differently from their counterparts. Theirs just about feeding their egos. So they may cancel a date, just for the sake of irritating you. And to see whether he can cancel a date, and get away with it. Also he would like to know if you are a drama queen or not. Next time he cancels a date, without any apparent reason keep calm and avoid him for some time.

  1. He fell sick.

Falling sick overnight or during the day may make a man cancel out on you? He could be having health complications which require urgent attention. If the same happens, visit his place and help him with the chores. Be understanding and warm and don’t freak out.

  1. Emergency.

When something urgent crops up, understand the situation and avoid throwing tantrums. Just calling him out on his behaviour if he doesn’t tell you about it in advance. Be keen however, to note how often he attends to ’emergencies’ once you plan for dates.


  1. The Other Woman.

As discouraging as it sounds, men who have several women often flake on dates. Sometimes his ex may call and he may see her as a better option (sorry to say) and prefers seeing her to taking you out on a date.

  1. Revenge Mission.

Have you formed a habit of cancelling dates during the last minute? Maybe you are the reason he cancels dates, due to your inconsistency. Then he could make sure you are on the receiving end. Just to make sure you have a glimpse of what he feels when you cancel plans you’ve made with him.

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