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Clothing line entrepreneurship is a personal journey that requires you to know your niche. Clothing business is  not about just good clothes but having a keen eye for the right outfits for your clients. This business has an advantage because it’s based on consumer need for a product. Here are 7 tips on how to start a successful clothing business.

Identify the specific market and its needs. The clothing business is one of the trickiest to ever get into. It is not all about stocking up a shop with clothes and shoppers will just walk in and buy. You have to be a smart fella to achieve success. Do market research and find out what clients want. If you want to sell suits and official clothing, then one has to know the trends in the business world. You have to keep tabs with what is going on locally and across the world. This should be the first step before you embark on anything else.

Get capital for the business. Capital is the most essential part of any business. One cannot start a business without capital. How does capital help a person? It enables one to facilitate licenses, get stock, transport them, rent business premises and cater for other charges that may be needed. Never be over-ambitious when starting a business. Start with what you have. It can be Sh100,000 or Sh500,000. This will give you the morale to make more money as the business continues running and eventually you can pump in more from the profits realised to ensure the business grows.

Get the right location for the shop. Getting the right location for your business will ensure 80 percent success. This is because instead of the target market moving closer to your business, you actually move closer to them. By making your target market feel like you are the most reliable person will ensure business success. For clothing like suits, one may decide to set up shop in a busy street in town. But why town? This is because most business people pass through town and that is when they have the cash to spend. Once they walk past your shop and notice the best items that suit their needs, then they will walk in with no excuse. For casual clothing aimed at targeting the youth, ensure you meet them at the place they like hanging out mostly like malls and the hoods
they live in.

Get the right documentation. The government is always an important part in business success or failure. People always plan for businesses and last minute remember they do not have licenses. A serious business should have a license. This is because if one is caught with the government, penalties will range from imprisonment to heavy fines. Licenses do take some time to get, so always apply early.

Create the right brand name. A wise man once said that a name will always determine the kind of person you are. Get a good brand name for your business and trust me once people start identifying themselves with it, your business will certainly grow. Once you have stocked up everything that the target market wants, get a good brand name and provide your clients with the best services. Choose a unique name that people will not confuse with other brands.

Pricing is always important. Who does not love hearing the word discount when they walk into a shop? A majority of people like receiving quality items at great prices. Once you set up shop and decide what to sell, the next thing is check the prices your target market prefers. Some people might prefer expensive stuff as it shows great quality. Others might just want quality products at cheap prices. Never be too extravagant and greedy. Slow progression is always the best in any kind of business. Get your profits and develop your business slowly. This will ensure you are always motivated by what you do. Great prices also ensure one gets loyal customers thus long life of a business.


Always think digital. The world is digital, thus, people are doing business online even though they have shops. Why digital? This is because most of the people do not have time to go to the shops and buy items. People select things online and buy and the goods are then delivered. To become a successful businessman, use the digital platform to your advantage.

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