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I should warn you that I am not a financial expert;but you will sure agree that being in college and going broke will make you realize tat the following points do make sense. Here are some of the ways to save up some shmoney in college.Most of them are real life lessons I  learnt from spending carelessly.

  • Stick to your budget- prioritize on the necessities.When you have a specific event to save up for, it’s important to create a realistic budget and stick to it. While this isn’t the easiest thing to do in the expensive world of college, it’s important to have discipline and self-control when it comes to your budget. Plan your week in advance and think about how much money you’ll need for the necessities, like snacks.
  • Buy in bulk- items you may use a lot, such as tissue paper are often far cheaper when you buy in quantity.Also, if you cook for yourself you might be aware that buying one tomato and onion at a time will not save you on cash. Take the offer that most sokos give. For example, buy 3 onions for 20 bob instead of 1 for 10bob.
  • Staycation- rethink about your baecations and vacations.If you really need to travel, consider the cheapest of options where you can also cook for yourself. Otherwise, if you do not have enough money, just relax at home.


  • Get yourself a part-time job- chora mpango and get yourself a side-hustle.This will not only boost your CV,but will also  help you put some extra money in your pocket during the semester.


    • Shop around before you buy-  comparison shopping is a must when you are living on a tight budget. You might be surprised at the savings you can find with everything from groceries to clothing.When you take the time to comparison shop, it does more than just save you money, it also makes you more aware of your everyday spending.
    • Every coin counts- this is my number one rule. Always be on the lookout for ways to save. Instead of saying, “Oh it’s only a few extra bob, I can get that.” Change the game and say, “Oh great! I can save a few coins by getting this instead.” Those few coins add up much quicker than you think. Look for deals at the soko or trim some excess spending from your budget.
    • Cook your own meals- cooking for yourself means improving your culinary skills, eating healthier and, of course, saving money. Eating out can be extremely expensive, especially if you go to college in a big city, and those weekly dinners out can quickly add up.


What other ways have helped you save money?



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