8 Campus mistakes we all make.#6 is so true!


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Whether a freshman or already in your senior years, being young comes with a sea of mistakes. Most of them bare lessons that make us better people in life while others hurt us so bad, we just choose to ignore them. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. However, you can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice. During college, even that person who seems to have it all together will make the following mistakes at one point or another.

  1. Alarm snoozing and missing class. This will either be done deliberately or by mistake when you get deep into slumber. We end up missing important classes and therefore slack behind when it comes to the syllabus. Most teachers have an attendance policy that gives you at least 3 unexcused absences, so don’t worry if it happens once. Just set multiple alarms next time and make sure you end up with more organized days than stressful days. You will thank yourself later when you feel well rested and get an A on that test!
  2. Being a party animal. Everyone has nights when alcohol lies to us that life is too short not to party kike there is no tomorrow. Then comes, the sober you to remind you that there actually is a tomorrow. A lot of freshas get a little too excited and don’t realize their limits at the start of college. You will wake up on the bathroom floor… best case scenario. We do not want to think of the worst. Let us just say that our folks would probably disown us.
  3. Trying to fit in. Nah-ah honey. The best version of you is yourself. Most of us get into campus so innocent until we make new urban and friends who have chanukad. we think of ourselves as the shadiest of people if we do not attempt to do some things. That sponyo will leave you empty inside and without a soul because of the love for the most expensive phone among your peers. It is never that serious. Be yourself.
  4. Being judgmental. Heck yeah! We have done this before, but with campus we meet all kinds of people and we become even more judgmental. We judge people with the stupidest of things like how the dress. The comes, life after campus and we will realize that those people we labelled as stupid, lazy, crazy, abnormal, weird or shady are our bosses!
  5. Not making use of resources. The biggest mistakes a fresha makes are often rooted in what is ultimately a desire to not feel quite so new — to feel more comfortable and settled on campus than they possibly could be right away. If you study journalism and have a studio in your institution, go and find your niche there.
  6. Hooking up a bit too often. This is hook-up culture for you where boys and girls are replaced as quick as an avi. If you are a fresha, older students understand that you don’t know the ropes, so they know they can take advantage of you more easily. You never know the history of that one-night stand ––even worse–– they may have a history of STIs or sexual assault. Keep your guard up at all times, regardless of who is trying to take off your pants (or whose you are trying to take off).
  7. Being lonely. Do not get up with campus life that you get too depressed to walk and hang with people. No matter how hard you may try not to fit in, you need to not be lonely. Yes, find some alone time now and then, but avoid being lonely. You shouldn’t ever go to or leave a party alone. Walking around late at night can be dangerous, and if for some reason you get too sick or feel really uncomfortable in any situation, you want someone looking out for you.
  8. Messing with friendships. Faking it and not making is trying to fit into a new friend group you met in your hostel, a new club, a class or a sports team. we tend to do anything to look cool for these people. College is a great place to find your niche. College is also such a large place that you can find other people who value your uniqueness and who probably share a lot of your beliefs and interests. Be careful of who you become friends with as they will most likely be your friend for life.


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