8 Myths About Success


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Life is hard. Honestly. It’s one messed up universe. It’s tougher though if you believe in lies. We all hope to achieve success. We all want to make it in life. Here are a few myths about building a successful life that are probably the reason why you think you can’t make it.

1. Follow your passion

We’ve heard this one so many times. It may be true for most but it doesn’t mean it works for everyone. If pursuing your “passion” is hitting a dead end, it’s time to try out other things. There are so many other things you can excel. There are also other ways to get to where you want to. E.g, if your passion is modelling but your physique hasn’t come through for you, consider joining a modelling agency as say a PR agent or a photographer. You still get to contribute to the industry but in a different capacity.

2. You need to attend expensive schools

This one is a big myth. Whatever position you are at, whatever education or schooling you got, is what will lead to your success. You really don’t need to have attended elite schools in order for you to achieve. Determination and a willingness to learn are the key traits to getting to the top.

3. You can only be good at one thing

Well, guess what, you don’t need to focus all your energy on one strength. Build on your weaknesses and try out new things. Become a jack of all trades. Or a jill of all trades. In a hyper competitive world like what we have today, it pays to have several skills up your sleeves.

4. You have to be a workaholic and a perfectionist

We admire that person who is always working. They seem to have endless energy. They practice singing for 8 hours a day for 7 days a week. And they still have time to go to the office and they also run a small business on the side. Woaaaah! That’s too much. Really? What are they running on, diesel or lead petrol? Just have a clear vision, be adaptable to situations and work smart. Don’t burn yourself out.

5. Expect success and it will come

Honey, calling yourself successful every day won’t make you a success if you’re not working. Ever heard the saying that good things come to those who work for them? Yea, that’s pretty much about it.

6. You need more money

You really don’t need a six-figure salary or a 10million shillings grant in order for you to become successful. Plan for what you have and you’ll make progress. Spend wisely, ask for financial advice, partner with others. That is how you will work to a better financial state.

7. You can make it on your own

Your destiny is shaped by so many people.  You can’t say that you will make it by working by yourself. You need input and assistance from other people. It’s a social world, we need each other to survive and make it.

8. Money is everything

Is it? What if you don’t make those millions? Money is important for comforts and quality of life but money should not be your only and ultimate goal. What value are you offering to other people? What are your values? These are the questions you have to ask yourself and remember that money isn’t the only aspect to success.

If you can’t unlearn all those myths, at least unlearn one or two. That will open a new window for you. Take one or two points here and see how you can apply that to your life.

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