Try these positions for some great oral sex


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Hell has a special place for guys who don’t travel downtown. Oral sex is a give and take!

Dude, what makes you special if you can’t wamlambez or even try to wamnyonyez? And even if you do, how well can you position her shipoto? Will you shove it in the air or dive downtown as she lays there helplessly?

Well, here are positions through which you can comfortably lick and suck her honeypot :

1. Big V.

Spreading her legs to make a capital V will expose a bigger surface for you to suck. Place a pillow under her butt, that way, her pussy will be suspended in the air.

She could pin her head on a surface or lay on her back to make the big V. That way you can access her honeypot easily. Dive in babaa and don’t forget to gasp for air lest you suffocate.

2. Ballet style.

With the mention of ballet, I know the words ‘leg stretch’ crosses your mind. This ballet style is all about her leg stretch. Just remember to work this with a flexible chic, you don’t want to deal with fractures, do you? 

Let her stand and lean against a pillar, then lift one of her legs. She should support her raised leg using one of her hands. The remaining leg and hand should support the rest of her body.

Budaah it’s time you dive in now. Once she orgasms, her entire body will be weak and restless. Just remember to provide a soft surface for her safe landing.

3. 69.

If she’s into sucking your mjulus try 69 for double orgasms. Let her lie her entire body on yours in a manner in which you can access her pussy using your tongue.

Let her access your mjulus easily too. The perfect duo now, and together you can achieve more.

Just don’t get distracted by her moans and fidgets. And if you orgasm, before she does, take her to the moon too!

4. Big  L.

The big L  is slightly different from the  Big V. She should lie comfortably and raise one of her legs high enough in a vertical position for you to access her shipoto

Her other leg should be placed horizontally. You have the Big L now. On your knees boy, the time you worshipped her cookie now.

5. Inverted V.

Try eating her out through this style if you want her juices flowing all over your face.

It involves her spreading her legs and placing her nunu directly opposite your face.

If she tries, she’s likely to sit on your face like SMASH!  Just remember to keep your teeth out of this.


6. Doggy.

Let her be on her fours facing away from you and her tummy facing down.

If she can arch her back and lift her butt, you have the whole cookie before you.

It could be suffocating though, so try gasping for air time and again. If you also into butt, this style is specifically for you. You’ll have a generous view of booty in front of you. 

7. Crab Style.

If she tries crab style, just be good at what you do. Don’t keep her waiting.

Crab style is slightly similar to doggy style, only that her tummy faces up while she takes on her fours.

It could be best if she tried crab walking, as you eat her out. Very exhausting though!

8. Somersault.

If she can pin her head on a surface, arch her back while she’s on her fours, then you have a great catch. 

You can access her pussy through her booty? This position favours all booty lovers.

9. Rabbit  Style.

Do you mind if she squats then squirts on your face? If you savour eating the whole cookie, let her squat on your face.

If you are good at eating pussy, then she’ll orgasm in no time. Her entire cookie may crush on your face once she receives your toe-curling orgasms.

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