What's in a bad girl bucket list?


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Getting in the way of a bad girl is the last thing that should cross your mind. (If it has to cross your mind anyway). Dude if you thought you’d ever shatter a woman completely, you’d better think again because chances of bringing her down are almost nil; that is if they exist. A woman always has got her plans A- Z. She always has her back-up plans even when she seems too innocent for that.

She’s always figuring out her revenge mission. Watch out her roll eyes and her clenched fist and agitated look. That’s enough clue dude! A girl knows your stronghold yeah and that’s your ego. She’s not an angel she could shatter you completely and there’s nothing unsexy as a dude who’s got a fragile ego. And yes this what’s in her bucket list and should I say her Barbie girl diary hidden beneath her pillow;

  1. Chewing your bff.

Every guy has that mouthy friend who spreads to everyone who cares to listen about the women he has chewed. Do you remember how that guy is always after your girlfriend? Most probably your girlfriend is not blind about that, she knows so! Your girlfriend is going to have that friend chew her. Then sometime when you are having a drink and as you boast about your loyal girl he’ll bring up that topic. About how he spinned your girl and how horrible you are in bed. Your bff may even chew her in your leather seat or warm bed and she’ll make you know about it.

  1. Toys.

If you don’t trust your antics between the sheets, dude you’d better keep off from a bad girl because She’ll slap you right on your face .She’ll masturbate right in front of you after you climax or get a thicker toy than your manhood and use it right before your eyes. In real sense she wants to show you the spots that set her heart going gi-gi-ga-ga.


  1. Zip Up!

Yeah if she wants to completely ruin your ego, she’ll close her legs and tell her girls about how hard you tried to get her but terribly failed. She’ll tell your boys about how you terribly failed to get her honey pot woe unto you if she’s a virgin. Because you won’t escape from such a vybe.

  1. That Nasty Text.

It’s girl time now, so dude back off!! After a whole day of twa twa you could try some nasty text like “Dude you don’t even taste close to what I had imagined. Up your game”. There you have it girl. That suits well when you want to dump his ass, Ooh yeah and remember to bring to his attention that “two shots never won a fair lady” ,Yeah and “three shots never smoothened a lady’s face” Girl remember to try this on a guy who’s got his emotions together lest your body is dismantled to wall. Yeah, don’t you say that I never warned you.

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