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Afrocentric fashion is categorised as ethnic wear. These outfits are worn by both men and women as part of their culture. Afrocentric fashion reflect the ethnicity and individuals who are proudly expressing the value of their cultural roots and reference to African history. This fashion gives character to every single outfit.

Afrocentric outfits are well known for it’s fabric, design and inspired patterns. To some it may seem complicated but to those who understand this kind of fashion find it unique and authentic. Ankara, dashiki and kitenge are among the prints that are commonly used to make the outfits. Each print holds a significance of their area of origin. The pieces are hand made from scratch. Here are some of afrocentric outfits.

Dashiki pant set. These pants screams confidence. looking to stand out in a wedding without having to outdo the bride and groom, well this is the perfect attire.



Bomber Jacket. This is one outfit that brightens your face and it’s a perfect fit for the cold weather.

Jumpsuit. Looking for a an effortless party outfit, the african jumpsuit got you covered. It definitely an alternative to a dress. Jumpsuits  allows you to be comfortable while looking great.

Pencil Skirt. This is an exclusive print and is designed for a close fit to flatten your body. This outfit goes well with a casual top to balance the outfit. 


Maxi Skirt. Pull on style with an african maxi skirt. Team it up with a neutral top and heels to elongate your legs. This outfit creates a feminine style which automatically brings out the confidence with no work put in at all.

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