Old is Gold!


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In relationships, old sometimes is gold. The older the men, the more attractive they are to Kenyan women. It does not only apply to campus but also to well-established women. A good example is Francis Atwoli’s second wife, Kilobi. The age difference between the two is not something new to Kenya. In such situations, we cannot forget the unfortunate events that occurred between Okoth Obando and Sharon. These are just a few incidences that are well known to the public. 70% of married men either go get themselves a younger second wife or have an affair under the radar. This poses the question. Why women are easily attracted to men more than ten years older than them?

They are financially stable. This is a pretty obvious reason. Older men are at a better place financially compared to the men in their youth still struggling to make ends meet. These older men can afford the lavish lives girls desire. Money is never a problem. They splash these girls with money since they have already made it in life.

They know how to treat women. Every woman misses the old-fashioned men we see in these old movies. The type of men who open the door for you, a man who pays attention to little details. The older men have mastered this art. They have a way of making their girl feel like she is the most special thing on the planet. Unlike the men in their twenties, who spend most of their time on the internet texting other girls when you are seated next to them, this older man will stop his business and not even pick a single phone call when you are together. The men in their twenties should really pick up tips from these older men.

They are confident in themselves. There is nothing that bores a woman like insecurities. A man who always wants to know where you are, who you are with or if he is enough for you is a bore. The older men do not have such insecurities. They got over them in their twenties and thirties. Once they age, they become confident and this makes them even more attractive. They know what they want and you will not be there wasting your time chasing a man with feelings they are not sure of.

They know stuff. Kuishi kwingi ni kuona mengi. The older guys know more about life. They are great when it comes to advice. They know exactly what to tell you and what not to say. They give advice when it comes to business or whatever field they are in. At least a woman won’t have to hear ‘sasa utado’ when they open up to a man. The older man, unlike the younger ones, will come up with a formidable solution.


They are better at lungula. Experience is the best teacher. The older men have been in the game for so long that they know their way around a woman’s body. You will get satisfied not only financially but also in bed. This, however, can go two ways. One, the older man can be really good in bed and take you to heaven. The other situation is that the older man might not last as long in bed. Sometimes sex that lasts too long can get boring. These older men might not have that kind of stamina that the younger men have. So, it’s a win-win situation. At the end of it all, what really matters is if you’re happy or not and if you are comfortable with your choice of a partner.

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