A singer, a songwriter and actor.


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Talent is the best thing one can possess in their entire life. Okay, this is among the other life achievements like bachelor and master’s degrees, PHDs and the likes. This week on the come up we look at one of the most promising talent in, wait for it……almost all sectors in the entertainment industry. I introduce to you, Julie Brenda. Known by her full names Julie Brenda Nyambura, she is a jack of all trades.

Julie Brenda is a singer, songwriter and actor. Most people never believe one can be an actor and a singer at the same time but Julie following the Beyoncé dream is living her life talent-filled and to the maximum. She describes her music career as one she enjoys the most of all her careers.  She began her music career in 2016, the same year she started acting. Once she finished high school, her parents did not support her intended career path.

They chose for her a course in computer networking and due to her lack of interest in the field, the course died off like a wilting flower. She then took up the course she had always wanted to do and that’s what kick started her music career. Julie studied music at EDMI College. She did music production and after meeting different people on campus, her love for the art exploded.

An interesting fact to note is that Julie recorded her first song while still in campus. After that huge step, nothing has stopped her from venturing even further. Julie describes her style of composition as diverse. This is because it starts off as a spontaneous process of just composing melodies, humming and fitting in words she finds interesting. This is a unique style as very few people in the industry do it. In the hip hop world, people call this free styling although Julie does not do this style of music.

Due to her love for the trade Julie writes her music alone. This is because of the inspiration she gets in every word she puts in a song. Her latest release is Time Machine. Time Machine speaks about the moments she misses about being a kid, things like young love, playing around and enjoying childhood. She speaks about her wish of wanting to go back and enjoy the moments all over again.

Every career comes with its own challenges. Julie’s main challenge in the music industry has been her confidence. Being a shy person at first hindered her from engaging in a lot of activities to enhance her music career. She developed the courage as time went by and managed to become the person she is at the moment. Finding studio time and producers to help her in creating her music was another challenge she faced. Julie advises young artists to always be careful when looking for producers.

This is because some producers might just waste your time and might end up not even working on your music. Julie Brenda also advises the youth not to be afraid to start their music career. Most people always find it difficult to kick start their music career due to lack of funding and support from friends and family. This might demotivate them in their path to a music career. Just as Julie did, she tells the youth to save up slowly and start their music ambitions.


Once one produces their music, then the next thing is pushing their music to the relevant television and radio stations or even online via YouTube. This is the only way for their music to be known by different people. Julie has starred in the Dream Child movie, since acting as part of her ever diverse talents. She has released her first song, Time Machine, on her channel on YouTube and urges her fans to expect more great music from her as time goes by.

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