A forever pimped woman!


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A new era has dawned and its high time we respected the team dubbed “slayqueens” Since the inception* of this term “slayqueen”many have not fully come to terms with its definition.

Are they the classy ladies who only want to attract the fine things in life or are they boyfriend snatchers or home-wreckers? Or the women who have misplaced pride? So it seems many are confused with who these queens are? Of importance though is that these women hold a crown on their heads anyway.

Surprisingly many believe that the millennial era has brought about the slay queen emanation. Truth is the slay queens have been in existence even back in the day, the cycle is just metamorphosing. It’s good we rubbed off some claims that slay queens are sexually starved and that they are sex maniacs.

Well in most cases they have put the young and energetic guys aside and win older guys hearts. Does that make them sex maniacs? Don’t assume them to be lazy in bed since they don’t have to sweat much in bed with their diabetic guys. Your thoughts about them doesn’t shake them abit, they are not tied down by societal expectations you know.


Remember that old wine tastes sweetest. And taking them to be snatchers will only put you at risk with your guy. Real men cannot be stolen always remember that. These slay mamas only want the fine things in life and are attracted to progress and achievements.

So why not embrace the slay queen generation with open hands? And who said they milk off mens pockets dry? Hello, every good thing comes at a cost. My own definition of whom a slay queen is; a forever pimped woman who desires the fine things in life and is not afraid to go the extra lengths to get it.

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