Avoid hatespeech, don’t get caught up


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Need I warn you that there is a crack down on hate speech in Kenya. It has been a crazy few months of elections, elections petitions, re-election and now confusion over date of re-election.The Kenyan government has threatened to clamp down on social media users who spread hate speech or fake news that could fan violence in the lead up to elections. social media has always been a platform where people freely interact and share their thoughts on many topics and politics has been dominating lately. However, going to extents of incitement and hate speech could get you into trouble. If you do fancy the life of a jail bird, here is what you need to do:

Use social media for the right reasons

Social media was made to connect with new friends, family and acquaintances. What we are doing instead is disconnecting with each other as Kenyans. Take a selfie and write a peace message as a caption. Spread love in all your posts. Make someone somewhere reading your post, transform from hate to love.

Avoid over supporting

Funny thing is that some people online do not give reasonable excuses as to why a certain leader should lead. They do not argue on the basis of change. Instead, they fight for ‘their people.’ Avoid political messages that use language deemed offensive, abusive, insulting, misleading, confusing, obscene or profane.

Mind your own business

It is better to just not defend any character whenever you see a post that triggers you. Control yourself and if you cannot stand other people’s comments and posts, there is an unfollow button for you to take advantage of.

 Do not share!

If it is not from a legit source, do not share it. You might be digging your own grave just by pressing that forward button. you would be surprised of how many Kenyans sit down to make fake news and make people believe. If you see that news is  deliberately misleading information about the elections or Kenyans, watch the news.


What we would really worry about is, if the government would make arrests out of the use the broad definition of banned content to clump down on criticism and dissent. How do we protect freedom of expression with the new regulations?



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