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Having a roommate might compromise a lot of things. But one thing we can surely agree on is that it might save us some lonely nights and a whole lot of other things. You get to share stuff and build each other in so many ways. The best thing,I would say would be cost sharing, that means you get to pocket some few coins that you might have spent on an entire supper alone or even rent. If you are about to get a new roommate, reading this is just right for you. If you already have one but they find you annoying, here is to how to make it better:

Have dedicated room-mate time

You might want to be closer to your roommate if you are not already. Take some time off those friends who visit a bit too often. You may not realize it but that friend of yours is becoming sort of a third-roommate if they are always knocking on your door. Take a minute and put yourself in your roommate’s shoes and you will find your friend very annoying.

That extra pal sharing your living space can be distracting and take away valuable roommate bonding time, so this is an opportunity for you to open up a candid conversation about maybe reserving some quiet time just for you and your roomie, or having fixed open-door hours for your hostel/apartment.

Share stuff

There are two types of people in this category, those who REALLY enjoy sharing stuff and dream of sleepovers and pillow fights and would want to think of their roommate as a bro or a sister for life…aaaaand, there is those that would prefer to keep their stuff private.

It is good to start off by having a conversation( again) about boundaries before they are broken. There are things that you cannot obviously enjoy by yourself. Talk about stuff that you would not want shared. These should be very personal stuff like a toothbrush? Duh! Wouldn’t it be weird to not share stuff like a refrigerator or a microwave?

Incorporate your lifestyle

Sure, you hate those nights that your roommate has the lights on to study or do stuff cause you are a morning person. Worry not. There is always a way to filter out the negativity and find a balance in working  things around your place.You might have different lifestyles that have got some habits that the other doesn’t fancy.

Sitting down with your roommie and having a genuine conversation should get you halfway through an agreement. If your schedules collide, create a calendar to follow up to. If your habits do not match, create a contract and have fun while at it. Decorate it. Great roommates think ahead and always try to keep the other person’s wishes in mind!

I hope that those tips will lead to a fun, positive living environment. I hope you love living with your new roomie, and if you were a horrible one, that you reform. I wish you both the best school year yet. Fanya mpango ukue roomie mpoa.


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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