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Many youths are  enslaved to betting and most betting companies are cashing in using a simple strategy- entice, enslave and exploit. These companies are real definition of ‘Lords of the poor’. The Lords promise to make it rain for the poor by using a few winners to entice them, but in turn destitute the masses. Here are the various kind of betting slaves.

The Betting ‘Thotiana’. These are guys who live their lives on the edge. Adrenaline junkies. They would easily use all their finances to place a bet. If the bet flops they look for alternative ways to get back the money they lost. This could be exchange of  Sex for money either through pimping or sleeping with the highest bet winner.

Die Hard Gambler. Betting is fun but when it involves huge loses of money and property it is considered an addiction. Breaking the cycle is difficult and for this individuals they continue betting with the hope to recover all the money they lost. Being in debt is their middle name.

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