Tanasha Donna’s “La Vie”

Tanasha Donna ft Mbosso bring us "La Vie!"


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You have probably heard the famous French mini-quote: c’est la vie; translating such is life; and in a more relatable translation: hiyo ndo maisha, sasa utado?

This has no correlation with Tanasha’s new song, because in her song, La Vie , featuring Mbosso, released two days ago and which is trending on YouTube, Tanasha speaks of a life with her lover. A lover who she serenades with her beautiful voice and her French, not to add Mbosso’s you know, everything.

“Napenda ukinipapasa, roho ukinitakasa.”

Tanasha, you can papasa us anytime.

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La Vie, a fiery romantic collaboration between Kenya and Tanzania, is one of the best songs yet of 2020. And am not just saying that because I am a hopeless romantic who falls in love with every love song. Okay, maybe that is contributing a little bit to my judgment.

But it is an amazing song, a true presentation of the love we all want but are just too scared to try and find. And even more intriguing, it is the first track of Tanasha’s EP Donatello.  It seems motherhood is treating Tanasha very well.

And can we take a second to talk about that video!! God, wametuvunja vunja viungo vya mwili.

These two. They make love seem like a never-ending supply of sexiness. And who wouldn’t want that?

La Vie, definitely shows Tanasha Donna in a new light. She wants to take her music career seriously, and it is showing.

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