The Art of BDSM


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Hey you, yes you, while your parents are busy praying for you and going for keshas, you are busy telling somebody’s son to choke you. Utaambia nini watu? BDSM which stands for Bondage, Dominance, Submission and Masochism is such a proper kink. Others may relate more to sadism and discipline but it is a
game of power.

The top or partner that controls the activity is the dominant while the bottom or partner that is controlled is called the submissive. In other cases you will find switch partners, who just like the name suggests, switch between roles.

In my opinion, the submissive one is the one with the most power because he or she is the one that limits what the dominant one does. During such activities, safe words are essential because there is a very thin line between pain and pleasure. Others actually find pleasure in pain and for a fact, that amuses me.

Do not let your sex life be boring, spice it up a little bit. Some sauce never hurt
nobody. First of all, invest in some toys. There are so many websites you could
get toys from with a wide variety to pick from. They range from vibrators to plugs
to cuffs to whips to rings, just to mention a few. There is a toy out there to fit into
your fetish rightly. Some companies even cast mjuols from different animals so
you can custom-make to your liking. The key to getting the right toys is figuring out
which one brings out your element properly. If you are dominant then a whip
would be perfect for you in controlling your partner. If you are into bondage then
maybe try cuffing your partner to the bed and administering whatever you want.
Secondly, nothing helps you get in character more than an outfit. Let your
imagination run wild and picture what exactly you want to deliver. The whole point
of this is no limits whatsoever. If you partner gets turned on by teachers then
dress up like a naughty teacher and discipline them accordingly. After all, bad
children get disciplined.


Experiment a little bit and even try on different hairstyles
and make-up looks. If my partner told me he wanted to see other people, then I
would be other people. Today I am Letoya tomorrow I’m Karun and the next day
I’m Dzaddy. Talk about the dmx challenge, haha. Switching it up with accents

could even blow them away because there is nothing as attractive as an all-
rounded woman, and I am not talking about hips.

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Thirdly, you are allowed to involve third parties. If you are still new to all these
terms I have mentioned then do not be afraid. There are professionals who you
can hire hourly or per the night. These are people who are skilled accordingly in
the various fields. They always have a trick or two up their sleeves which will not
hurt to learn. The thought of somebody being with your partner other than you
could be a little bit uncomfortable but let us be optimistic for a second, would you
rather your partner goes to a “massage spa” without your consent to recieve those
services or would you rather have a house call and watch as your learning the
things that take him to the peak? Food for thought.

Disclaimer, BDSM is not a joke. As a matter of fact, it is listed on 1000 ways to die
where couples found themselves in life threatening situations. You always need to

do your research before you partake. If you have never tried it, then I would
recommend you try it. Imagine going to hell for a sin like stealing a mango and you
could go because you partook in premarital bomb BDSM sex? Yeah, ponder on
that too. You do not have to do the extremes if you do not usually do these things,
even simple choking, burning with wax, spanking and tugging will give you
pleasure if you know your partner’s body well.
So while our country keep on going into debt, go into her guts the right way.

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