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Sending emails is not like chatting on social media. Often, we make a lot of mistakes while constructing emails. Here are some of the mistakes we are making while writing emails that we should look into:

Sending emails only when you need something- Do not  build relationships when you need something. Have a habit of checking up on people before before wanting a favour from them. Most people would get offended if you need them after some time of silence.

Using the first person too much- It is very important to shift the focus to the recipient and consider what they want, need, or would like to hear. After writing an email, scan it quickly for how many times you use the word “I.” See if you can edit some of them out.

Forgetting that there’s a person on the other side of your email- Have a warm intro and outro in your email. Often, those little niceties go a long way. It is like popping to a friends place and yelling out on them to make you dinner.

Sending the email at the wrong time- Evaluate whether or not the message is urgent and needs to be replied to immediately. in the case of an emergency it is important to reply as quick as possible. Otherwise, create a rhythm around how you reply to your emails on a normal basis so that people (clients) know what to expect from you.

Sending to too many people- Craft your messages in a way that s dedicated to a specific person. Just  because you sent a message to many people , does not that there will be more replies. In fact, you reduce your chances of your message being opened.

Knowing nothing about the person receiving your email- Do your background check on the recipient. It is very important.

Making messages too long- Depending on the nature of the message, your email might be too long or too short. The longer the email, the more likely that the recipient might not read it. Be sure to go straight to the point ad avoid narrating many unnecessary stories.

Using email exclusively- Efficiency does not necessarily mean one single system.Often, redundancy in communication can be extremely helpful, as each too adds a layer of human nuance back into the correspondence that’s happening.



Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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