Chics cry during sex sometimes. Why do they do that?


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Life ni kukachora. Na huwezi kachora bila information. Most men have been through this with their girl. I am also in that category. My girl used to cry at times while we were getting it on. I thought that was a good thing. But it’s not always a good thing. Here are reasons why chics cry and how to deal with it.

You are THE man!

Yes. She might be crying because she is having the hottest night of her life. Keep on doing what you are doing to her. She is liking it. Ni vile tu she can’t put in words. She will usually start by moaning and then the moans will increase before she starts asking you, “why are you doing this to me..” You’ll be confused at first but she’ll later tell you it felt so good.

She’s in pain

All might not be well when she cries during sex. She might be feeling pain especially if her nunu has a problem. She might even be dry and that’s why she feels that way. Thrusting your manhood in her dry honey pot will cause problems. Use lube or make sure you have engaged in enough foreplay to ensure she’s wet by the time you are inserting your condomized mjulubeng in her.

She’s remembering something bad

Her ex maybe? This a bad sign. Having sex might be bringing back bad memories. There’s nothing you can do about this. If she later tells you that she was crying because she remembered something bad, it’s time to be a man. Comfort her, shower her with hugs and kisses. Let her know she is safe in your arms. If she doesn’t trust you the both of you will never enjoy sex.

She’s stressed

She might be bottling up a lot of emotions, stressful emotions. That is why, when you get her to climax, she will relief herself off the negativity by crying. This is not necessarily bad because she has finally relaxed. Always rember to use contraceptives so that she doesn’t get more stressed afterwards.



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