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Shocking revelations that have resurfaced would literally scares the willies out of anyone. Campus students were shocked last week when colleagues started posting revelations about their sex lives and HIV status.The revelations sent chills in everyone’s spines, creating a gloomy environment around campuses. The Outsyder kruspondent set out to determine the facts behind this stir.

Most girls fear getting pregnant than contracting HIV and that’s why they would prefer taking the morning after pill than wrapping it up with a condom. This is basically a raw sex generation. In the online exchanges, the students shared their experiences of raw sex and the spread of HIV/Aids. Here is the low down:

The Rising Cock parties. The Rising Cock flats are synonymous with campus parties and hangouts. It’s a popular place with students studying at the JomoKenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. According to students from the campus, the flat never misses a party especially over weekends. It is also known to be inhabited by the campus-rich kids and that’s why most ladies like hanging out there because of the ‘chumz’.

A lady posted this heartbreaking message: “My name is X. My best friend and I noticed we were getting played by the guy who apparently infected us with HIV/Aids. The guy is nice, he is a baller and he has the looks. So after we found out what was going on, we decided to collaborate and become a strong trio. We had so much in common.

We now live in the Rising Cock flats together and we usually have a threesome. We hold parties almost every weekend. When we hold the parties, we usually smash with anyone who feels they are in the mood. Trust me, there is no guy who would say no to sex! So if you’ve partied in the Rising Cock flats with us, enda upimwe and start taking the meds early. It’s not that bad, spread it, nowadays guys don’t die of Aids. “This cold-hearted revelation sent chills all over Juja.

Men are pigs, wote wakufe! This message was from a lady who confessed to popular twitter guru Xtiandela. When she contracted the virus, she became so upset, and the anger sent her into intentionally infecting her boyfriend. The lady, who preferred not to reveal her identity, apparently was infected by her uncle. Here’s her confession: “I know of a guy in Daystar that I smashed raw because I wanted to keep him but I didn’t consider the fact that I was positive. Sikuwa nataka nitumie condoms because I wanted all of him inside me. The guy went and got tested, and he was found positive. Now he is saying he will expose me. I’m not ready for this. Please help me!”The lady is on a bitter revenge mission. “Yeah, I knew and I am on a mission to punish all men in this world. Men are pigs! Wote Wakufe!


ARVs have made me curvy and my skin is glowing!” One of the things that scares most people when it comes to taking ARVs is lipodystrophy, which has a negative effect on most users. Usually, it leads to a substantial weight loss or gain and some other changes in the body. But it seems to this particular lady, the changes were positive. She claims ARVs made her prettier, curvy and her skin to glow.

Here is her confession:“So I am a Kenyatta University student. Naishi KM, just behind the school. I was born with the virus and it’s not something that worries me because I can’t change that. The ARVs have really made me curvy and my skin glows. So I met this KU Instagram celeb called X. He has a nose ring and is light skinned. I loved this guy so much but he took me for a fool and played me with other girls. However, when we met, I refused to screw him raw since I am not the kind of person to mess people’s lives. I always used the excuse that I hate P2s. But it got too much and the next time we met, I let him hit it raw. We’ve actually had raw sex three times ever since then. He really hurt me emotionally and that’s why I just had to. Honestly, I don’t care whatever happens to him, I am also human.”

“HIV TU? Get It Kesi Baadaye!” Below is one of the most heartless revelations that I came across. The guy who was giving this confession is a popular young DJ from around Juja, who is usually loved by many
women. Here is his confession: “Honestly speaking it’s no one’s fault to spread the virus. I am HIV positive and it’s something I came to terms with in 2017. I am a DJ who gets invited to quite a number of events
and clubs to perform. Lakini ni wapi ushaienda ukakosa girls hoovering around a DJ like bees trying to make honey? We’re all human, so if you come to me wanting to smash, then fine receive it, kesi baadaye! After all you’ll even glow and thicken up with these ARVs. It’s not that bad, so just live life, let them all keep on screwing raw. And we shall be there to receive them, Shalom.” How heartless can this get?

Valencia Flat parties. Yet another apartment has come to the limelight for hosting, parties, where HIV/Aids is spread to innocent young campus girls. A lady confessed her painful ordeal with an occupant in the flat who is famous in campus; and is known to throw parties at the place: “I am not sick but I know a guy who is and his intentions are not good because he tried smashing me raw and I refused. He is a fourth year engineering student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He lives in Valencia Flats third floor. So I visited him thrice and noticed a pack of tablets that were actually ARVs. So on the third night, we screwed (I never go raw) but he was really angry na asubuhi sikupewa hadi chai. This guy loves to throw parties especially on end months since he has a side hustle. The only problem is he’s a school celeb and he always boasts of how he can’t soothe a lady. Therefore, he jumps from one chick to the other trying to spread the virus. Just be extra careful guys, no one cares about you.” These confessions have shaken students to an extent they have started questioning their relationships. It’s also heartbreaking at the same time that most students whom I talked to still feel that going raw is the real deal. They still stress that as long as there is trust, then nothing matters. This shows the need to encourage more people to use protection. The youth really need help, and the awareness about HIV/Aids should be done differently and efficiently.

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