Chora career yako! Advice to campo students starting out on joboz


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We can’t all be entrepreneurs but that doesn’t mean we can’t excel at our careers. If you’re about to graduate, your ultimate goal is finding a job. Getting a job a job is not that hard. Really. Getting a job you’re passionate about is not easy.  So before you go about tarmacking and applying for joboz, here are a few tips

1. Your career is a series of experiences

Don’t view your career as something that will be dependent on the years you work at a given company. Your career will be all about the experiences you get along the way. It will also be about the lessons you learn and the perspectives you acquire. These experiences will shape you into a more interesting person. The more dynamic and experienced you are, the more likely you are to advance in your field.

2. Make big impacts quickly

Yes! Make it big on your jobo. Once you land a job you’re passionate about, make strong moves early. If it’s a marketing job, try getting a client within the first three to four months. If it’s a journalism jobo, try landing a big story early. This makes you recognized at the workplace. This, in turn, will translate to you being considered for more roles. This is how you eventually take your career to the next level.

3. Spend more time with people

Switch off your phone. Turn that laptop off. Talk to those around you. Build relationships with them. Remember, technology won’t hire you. Story ya posting on IG and Snapchat all the time should be limited when you are working. Use that time to interact with co-workers.

4. Sacrifice

Put in more hours early enough in your career. Do the dog work early enough. You will have time to enjoy and work on more flexible hours later on. Find ways to expand your prospects. This also means taking risks to stretch yourself.


All the best in getting a jobo.



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