Chora hustle by selling pdf books and magazines

Download books and sell them to your friends


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Many youngsters nowadays like reading. It’s not like that time when people were only good at watching funny movies and fighting. It is now possible to make doh by selling books. If you don’t want to buy physical books, you can still sell pdf books and magazines. Here are a few tips on how you can make quick mullah by selling publications to your friends.

1. Download books and magazines online (Make sure to use wi-fi)

Campo kuna wi-fi that you can use in order to reduce your spending costs. Some books can be as big as 75mbs. That’s a lot of data and it would hurt you if you used your mobile bundles. So look for a good wi-fi spot and download several books or magazines.

2. Look for popular titles

If you’re in a school located around an urban center, then you’ll look for materials that such people like reading. For example, chics there love fashion. Look for magazines such as Vogue, Elle and True Love to sell to these chics. Men definitely love to see some flesh popping and cars. Kwanza cars! I think men were just born to love cars. So make sure to look for books and magazines that focus on those. Imagine if you sold a book titled “10 EASY STEPS TO HIT ON A SLAY QUEEN.” The buyers would be many i’m telling you. Just give a try.

3. Look for free downloads

What are you going to do with your phone once you are done reading this article? Well, just Google, ‘download free Harry Potter books.’ There will be so many options available. Then download any of the books and post about it kwa Whatsapp groups. This can be your quickest way to earn that 100bob for airtime (coz you also need to browse the net every once in a while).

4. Ask people what they read

I’m sure if you just asked, people would be very open about the things they read. They just don’t bother to look things up online to see if they are available for free. Use that to your advantage. If a guy tells you, “I only look at pictures of hot chics,” then just make sure you spend the entire night looking for hot magazines that you can sell to that guy.

5. Price fairly

Ideally, you should just charge 80-100bob. Not more than that. Second hand books go for 50bob and old magazines go for a 100bob. Strike a balance of those prices by getting new materials and one that’s needed by people.

Everything is about giving it a try. You never know till you’ve taken that first step. Chora hio story ya doh with your small hustle.

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