Chora life yako: How I turned from ratchetness to reading

Chora life yako: How I turned from ratchetness to reading


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“I conned my dad Ksh.30k for a web design course that I never did, “says Patricia*, a student at Moi University. She used to live the life ya heppi and raving until she decided enough was enough. She was spinning out of control faster than a fidget spinner. She had to chora her life quickly or all she had wanted in life and had been working for would go down the drain. At what stage are you at in your life? It’s never too late to turnaround and make awesome changes that will see you make it in life.

“I had a very persuasive and influential best friend back in high school whom we finished school with in 2012. By 2015 she already had a two-bedroom apartment in South C and she was driving…” Patricia says of her friend.  She then moved to Nairobi from Eldoret and that’s how the two hooked up. “I had freedom. My parents were in Eldy and I was in Nai waiting to join Multimedia University for my degree programme. I had done a diploma back in Moi University and so I was waiting for the results from them before I proceed.” What’s a girl to do in a big city if she’s got the time, no family holding her back and a free-spirited and ambitious girl for a friend? If you find yourself idling around, it means it’s time for you to look for something to do because us mayut do crazy things to kill boredom. This can be hurtful for our future goals.

“My South C bff was a hot chic. Men used to eye her a lot. Plus I also think she was a lowkey socialite. That beauty and her connections made her very desirable. So we hooked up me, another girl and then her. We were going to paint Nairobi red, “ says an almost nostalgic Patricia. Going out is fun as a young person. For ladies, you have to chora and know who is paying for your outings. Will they want their ‘money back’ in other ways? “Apart from the South C chic, the two of us were just on Team Msoto. Our South C babe definitely had sponsors and it wasn’t a very good thing.” Ukisort life yako, you’ll realize that with time, you will be able to enjoy the things you crave for buy paying for them yourself. That will give you more satisfaction and fulfillment.

“The whole day we used to spend our time sleeping since we had spent the night partying. At 8pm we would start pimping ourselves, make up and ish and then by 10pm we’d be out. We would go to that Oil Libya petrol station past Belle Vue just to chill. We’d have pizza while our cool friend would be hunting for male clients.” This is the life Patricia had turned to.

“I just couldn’t live that life anymore. I had to make a plan on how to get my life back. I went back to Eldy and decided to continue there. The temptation in Nairobi would be too much. I am now pursuing a media course and I’m about to complete. “ Patricia has sorted out her life. She intends to work for a media house once she is through with school. She will first complete her degree, intern at a media or publishing house and then sell her skills to a potential employer. She is currently on attachment in Eldoret.”I was lucky that nothing happened to me that time since I’d have started living the sponsor-sponsoree life and who knows what would have happened to me afterwards.”

How to chora your career and your life

  • Determine what course you want to do or if you are already in school, know what you find interesting about your course and why you choose you it in the first place
  • Weed out people who you think are hampering your growth
  • Focus on getting your shit together


We have so much potential to make it. Make a plan like Patricia. Work out a plan.

*names have been changed. Not her real name.


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