Chora life yako with Ajira: Ivy’s story


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Ivy is going places. She is beautiful, talented and determined to make it in life. Who is she you
ask? She is one of the beneficiaries of the Ajira Digital program. As a student in her third year in
Moi University, it means this is the time for her to make serious plans for her future. And one
way of doing that is ensuring that you have the necessary skills that you will apply to self-
employ yourself. You can also use these skills to pitch yourself to a potential employer.
Ajira Digital is an initiative by the Kenyan government that aims to introduce young people to
online work. They do this by providing the tools, training and mentorship needed for young
people to work and earn an income through online work.
“The good thing with Ajira Digital is that it is a platform that creates jobs for people at the
comfort of their homes. Imagine hakuna stress ya kutembea na high heels kila mahali,” says an
excited Ivy. Since it is online work, one can do it from virtually anywhere. All you will need is a
laptop or computer at a cyber café with internet connection. “The training I attended in Mombasa
kept me busy. Especially now that I am on long holiday, this is a good plan for me. Don’t forget
also the joy of travelling to coast. It’s was a nice treat besides the intensive training I got.” Ivy is
clearly on a mission ya kuchora life yake with Ajira Digital.
“I also don’t want to depend on my parents that much. So with these skills, I’ll get work and
definitely I’ll start fending for myself. Who knows, if all goes well, I’ll be paying my own rent
with that cash”. Ivy’s plan is to get as many online jobs as possible since hakuna story ya
choosing jobs. All work is helpful. It takes you somewhere. It opens doors for you eventually.
Online jobs are not easy simply because you will be seated behind a desk. You will need to put
in the effort and the time needed to do diligent work. With that, you are able to build trust with
your clients and this rapport gives you the chance to get more work. More work equals more
mullah, and more cheddah means more financial freedom. This is how Ivy is on her way to
sorting out her life as early as now. She attended the five-day training session and has come out
with more skills than she previously had.
How to Join Ajira
 Sign up via their website ( and make sure you use your correct email
 Go through some of their resources on their website as you await confirmation
 Once you receive a mail from them you are good to go. They will send you all the
necessary instructions

The July classes are full and that means you will have to wait till the next programme rolls
out. So stay keen and curious about Ajira programme. Your time to Kukachora just like Ivy
is around the corner. Ajira also offers jobs through the #PataAjiraNaMpost and you get
commissions for your work. Check out more here (

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