Crazy stories from the rave!


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It’s often said, ‘what happens in sin city, remains in sin city’. And with the growing appetite for entertainment within Nairobi, party life has become a part of the city’s lifestyle. More and more investments have also been pumped into developing the party experience. However, with every good thing that comes, the downsides of it follow. The party lifestyle has had a fair share of controversies and some revellers have fallen victim to such. Here are a few stories of some victims.

Marto, 25

It was a really amazing evening, one of the toughest months of the year had just come to an end. It was the 31st of January, a Thursday, and I had prepared myself prior by taking a one-day leave on Friday so that I could link it up with the weekend and end up having a long ‘holiday’. I was supposed to travel to see my girlfriend who works at a prominent hotel at the Coast that same weekend.

I had laid out my plans perfectly well including my timing with the salary. Even though I knew the company was in a tough financial situation due to the ongoing market disruptions, I was still confident salaries would be paid right on time. True to my word, my bank notification came in at around 6:00 pm that evening. I was really excited and thirsty to have some fun at the same time. The poor economic times of January had really taken a toll on me and I hadn’t partied at all since December. Therefore, this was an opportunity I wasn’t ready to let go of just like that. It had to go down that night! 

I rolled into Whiskey River with a cab, you know I can’t use a ‘nganya’ and it was end month. The mood was already fired up and the DJ was just starting his set. I could already smell that it was going to be a great night. The flashy lights, the over-excited revellers, the shining thighs and hot chicks who had just started streaming in made the night feel like a movie! 

I joined my squad which was already in and quickly ordered a 1 litre JD and a couple of beers for any beauty looking to have a nice time. Before long, a couple of hunnies had thronged our table and I could not hold back my excitement. I was specifically attracted to this one called Natasha.

She had these tight denim booty shorts on, with a crop top and a fur coat. When she sat next to me, I could feel my heart racing, I couldn’t believe that this hot shawty was also attracted to me. I quickly asked her what she was drinking, luckily enough she was satisfied drinking the JD we had already ordered. 

I was very impressed with her composure and the fact that she didn’t demand a lot. Before long we were singing along to Naija songs and she was grinding on me hard. Oh God! This was heaven on earth. I was fully turned on by her, and I kept on looking at my watch because I was anxious to get her back to the crib and pounce on this opportunity. As if God was hearing me all along, she suggested we leave. ASAP!!! I had already called a cab. I was in 87 within the spur of the moment.

She suggested we drink before getting into it, and she served me a drink I wish I had never taken. I still regret it to date. The next thing I remember is waking up on a mattress in the middle of my sitting room naked. EVERYTHING WAS GONE! My house was as empty as a new house. All my seats, my TV, my bed, my home theatre, all gone. Even the cooking pans! I thought I was dreaming… 

The only thing I found left on the kitchen counter was the drink we had been having the previous day. Was it even the previous day? It was Saturday! I had slept for two good days! I took a couple of shots to calm down my anxiety. Oh my God… That was the same drink that was spiked! I slept for another two days!

I remember waking up hearing banging at my door on Monday evening. My squad had come to check up on me after several attempts to reach out to me. I couldn’t explain what exactly happened but one thing was clear, that lady had spiked my drink. Later on, the watchman narrated to me how they brought a lorry, pretended to be movers and emptied my whole damn house! I will never ever drink with a stranger again! 

Johnte, 21

I have witnessed a lot of unimaginable events but the latest one was the worst and it so happened that I was a victim of the same. It was a Friday evening and I was really in the mood to turn up. However, I didn’t have enough cash to go for a rave. Therefore I opted to go home.

On getting to the bus stop, I was disappointed to find there were no ‘nganyas’. I therefore decided to go back to Mojos for a few shots before heading home. One shot, two shots, three shots and they kept on flowing and I decided to get inside. The 3 ‘thao’ that I had was already driving me crazy. So I decided to just get a KC mzinga instead of wasting money on shots. 

Boom! Immediately the waiter dropped that mzinga on my table, a hot mami came asking to join my table. Who was I to refuse? I could use some company for sure. After all, I wasn’t planning on finishing this ‘botti’ alone. “I am Kelly,” smoothly uttered the lady. After a frustrating day of CATs, of course, I was open to digging into some conversation with her. The next thing I remember is being woken up by a waiter in the morning. The mzinga was gone, my wallet was gone, I literally had nothing. The lady had robbed me and I didn’t even have fare to go home. 

I decided to play out an old trick. I trotted down to Luthuli street and boarded a Tuk Tuk to Rongai. It just so happened that the guy was also headed towards the same direction as my place. He was more than excited to give me a ride without so many questions. As we approached Galleria mall, I kept wondering how I was going to pay him once we arrived. I hatched a plan to jump off the Tuk Tuk just before we arrived.

So I started opening the Tuk Tuk zip slowly and then just as we approached Maasai Mall, I jumped out. Luckily enough the guy didn’t notice!

Jaymo, 22

I had just met this girl, Cindy, about a month and a half before. I was really excited to go back to dating after a long spell of staying single since I had had a messy break up from my previous relationship. We met at Africa Nouveau and from the minute I saw her, I knew she was the one.

We linked up for a couple of drinks and lunch dates after that before she finally gave in to come sleep over at my place after we were to have a couple of drinks at Milan. It was a chilled out night and I had even invited my best friend with her chick, so it was a double date. DJ Styles was on the decks and he was rocking some mad hip hop vibes. 

Being an avid dancer, I couldn’t hold back but invite Cindy over to the dance floor to have some nice time with me. We were really hitting it off when this guy came and said hi to Cindy and was like, “Do you wanna go hang out at the VIP?” I was surprised she said YES! And as I watched, the guy dragged her to the VIP. I was like, what the hell is happening! 

As I tried following her, the bouncers were on my case. I couldn’t be allowed in unless I had reserved. I kept on waiting at the VIP entrance but in vain. She was gone. As I was heading out, I watched helplessly as she entered the guy’s Range Rover. That’s the last time I saw her. I couldn’t imagine the efforts that I had put into impressing her for over five weeks and this guy just got her a VIP pass and that was it.

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